S3 Vs. HTC One X Vs. 4s

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  1. PorkyFilipino

    PorkyFilipino Member

    Yes, the 4s is an iOS phone, but I just had to include because it is an option. So I'm getting a new phone on Black Friday and I seriously can't decide on which phone to get. I could go with the Samsung Galaxy S3 ($50 at Best Buy), the HTC One X (*free* at RadioShack), or the iPhone 4s ($90 at Best Buy). I know it all goes down to preferences, but I keep getting mixed reviews from people. Can you guys help me decide on which one is best for me? I know a lot about hardware and technology. Also, I have huge hands so I can handle the S3's big screen. I'm a teen who loves to play games and use apps. I also sometimes take pictures of views when I go to different places, and use effects apps. I heard the S3 comes loaded with different effects already on it's camera settings. Music isn't really an issue, but one with great quality would be great. I want one where I can customize a lot! Should I go with the beautiful One X, or the powerful Galaxy S3? And what kind of plan should get with AT&T? I won't use the internet everywhere i go. I wan't a cheap but efficient plan to use ($30-$55). If anyone can help me, I'd greatly appreciate it! :D

  2. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    SIII>One X because of expandable storage and bigger battery and removeable battery. It's also more powerful.
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  3. PorkyFilipino

    PorkyFilipino Member

    Ok thanks for the help. I can't wait to get an SIII! :D
  4. The SGSIII is the much better choice.

    It has a Super AMOLED display which produces much more vibrant colors, has superior contrast and deeper black levels than LCD.

    Also the SGSIII US Version has 2GB RAM compared to the HTC's 1GB RAM.

    The SGSIII clearly outperforms both the HTC One X and the iPhone 4S in benchmarking tests. The SGSIII is much more optimized and is much smoother and responsive than the other phones.

    The SGSIII also has a superior camera. The HTC One X can't even record video at 30 FPS.

    Furthermore, the SGSIII has much faster 3G/4G LTE transmission speeds. The HTC One X often has the WiFi death grip problem which means that sometimes you can't access the Internet. HTC has had a lot of problems with their QC issues.

    So the SGSIII is the best phone to get.

    You should also consider the Note 2. Basically bigger and more powerful than the SGSIII and has added functionality.
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  5. bubbles321236

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    The Htc one X is an amazing phone like you said it is beautiful. Taking pictures on a SIII will leave you with over saturated photos that will always be darker than the original. There are plenty of photo apps for effects I use camera ZOOM FX. I have had my phone for almost a year and the battery has never died and I use my phone a lot during the day. There are portable batteries out there though if you worry. The sound quality is amazing which is a big plus for me because I also use my phone as an mp 3 player. When feeling the devices the SIII feels cheap in comparison to the One X after all it is made out of plastic. All in all I love my One X and I wouldn't change it at all.

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