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  1. Isaack

    Isaack New Member

    today i went to buy a s4 but in 3 stores i went none came with the plastic screen that says super amolet bfc etc. its came a normal transparent screen protector they say that the printed plastic screen that says samsung not come anymore. is true or false?
    im un doubt because they ar chinese and do not wanna to buy something that istn new

  2. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    Hello and welcome to Android Forums Isaack! :)

    I am not quite sure what you are asking I'm afraid. All genuine models of the Samsung Galaxy S4, GT-i9500, have a Super Amoled screen. However, there are 23 different models of the Galaxy S4, worldwide, and they all have differing specifications. See, here.

    The octa core, i9500, is a 3G only phone, (no 4G/LTE).
  3. Isaack

    Isaack New Member

    thx for answer my post. sorry my english isnt good.
    in all videos of s4 "unbox" when they openit the screen have a factory screen plastic


    its say "galaxy s4 hd super amoled etc etc"
    but in the stores here in Panama this piece of plastic is not there, but the screen come with screen protector installed (i think thats its weird)

    my question is. thats normal? or maybe its a clon s4 or something... most cellstores ar chinesse and i dont wanna buy a clon.

    the chinese man said that the new s4 dont came with this plastic anymore and all the boxes came open, they dont have any sealed box. he said that all the boxes came open from factory
  4. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

    Samsung phones come with a plastic Samsung overlay that you peel off. There are many Chinese copies that claim to be various Samsung models, they even have the Samsung name on the case, but they're not the same phone. They sell for a lot less than the real Samsung phones, because they're worth about what you pay for them, a lot less that the Samsung phone of the same model number. Not just the screen - they have inferior components, their radios don't cover all the bands the Samsung of the same model number does (which may mean no data, or no high speed data), etc.

    (And, although a plain plastic screen protector is only worth about US$2, I've never seen a new Samsung phone that came with one.)
  5. Isaack

    Isaack New Member

    the price is 420$
    you think that its a clon or something?
    the question is i buy it or not?

    thanks for answer and sorry i post the same reply twice the same text
  6. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    I agree with Rukbat. I have never seen a Galaxy S4 come with a clear plastic screen protector as standard. Also, the boxes should be factory sealed. However, this is no guarantee that they are fakes or not as different models and carrier branded versions may differ.

    See, Fake, clone, not genuine, Galaxy S4 phones for more information.
  7. Isaack

    Isaack New Member

    im giving up, maybe i never will find a original s4 in this country xD
    those phone was really similar like original, the only thing diferent was this clear screen plastic. since s5 came the s4 get a lower price but in republe stores like movistar the s4 price stay in 599$... thats insane
  8. MIROW

    MIROW New Member

    Well here in India people are ordering s4 from this online site called flipkart and it comes with a screen protector pre installed by Samsung and not that plastic saying super amoled and stuff, you can check yourself by going to flipkart dot com and then just check the comments of various people on s4, people here also doubted it and returned some models seeing as they might be used ones but they are actually the new once, you can check out for your satisfaction.
  9. imobile_lb

    imobile_lb New Member

    Many new samsung models come with pre installed screen protector! To make sure if its the real thing all you have to do is try one of these secret codes and check for their respective responses *#9090# or *#7284# or *#0808# you can check any forum for the respective responses of these secret codes

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