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S4 9505 keeps unmounting the SD cardSupport

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  1. jamin_00

    jamin_00 Active Member

    Its been fine up till now which is only a week lol but I starting using the video and filming today and since then it keeps coming up every now and then that the card is unmounting and then preparing the card??

    I just took it out and blew in to the slot to make sure its clean and 5 mins later it did it again. Dodgy phone??

    Card was fine in the S3. Should I use the 'format card' option??

  2. shaunuk

    shaunuk Member

    got my sandisk 32gb ultra and when i play music my s4 unmounts my card too, so i put in a spare 2gb kingston card and the problem disappears.(runs spot on).
    Reading up on the net, it seems some sandisk 32gb cards had a faulty batch so i have ordered a sammy 32gb card.
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  3. jamin_00

    jamin_00 Active Member

    It is the same card I have. Will get another.
  4. Shocky

    Shocky On Probation

    Sandisk sure do have allot of faulty batches out there, I think the safest bet is to avoid them and try some other brands. :(
  5. jamin_00

    jamin_00 Active Member

    What is a good reliable one to get in 32gb??

    I always thought San Disk were ok???
  6. dogdaysunrise

    dogdaysunrise New Member

    I got a 64gb scandisk and it keeps telling me it's damaged every other week.
    Unmounting and remounting it solves the problem.
    I also bought scandisk because I expected quality.
    I contacted them and they told me to format it and if the issue persists I will get a replacement. We'll see.....
  7. shaunuk

    shaunuk Member

    I thought there were supposed to be a good make too, I have ordered an original Samsung one now, will test it out when it comes but from what I've read there's should be no issues with it.
  8. drebit

    drebit New Member

    I had the same problem with a 32 gig Sandisk card. It would randomly unmount and then mount again. I returned it to Amazon and got a Samsung 32 gig card and it is working flawlessly so far.
  9. shaunuk

    shaunuk Member

    Thats what i wanna hear :) !

    I thought there was a problem with my phone to start with, till i tested another card.
    Just need my sammy 32 gig to come now.
  10. Leptonite

    Leptonite New Member

    I've the sandisk 64gb card and its started doing the same thing since I copied 20gb of media files onto it. Also the phone heats up at the back right where the micro sd card is.
  11. janx218

    janx218 Member

    I have had two bad SanDisk cards, one 32GB and one 64GB. The latter I bought for my S4 and almost immediately had the unmounting issue. Sent it back and bought a Samsung. It's been about two weeks now and I've had absolutely no problems. I will never buy a SanDisk card again.
  12. zoxxo

    zoxxo Well-Known Member

    If you have a sandisk card go bad, call them. They know about the issue and I have read reports about people getting replacements with no hassles...
  13. kurivellam

    kurivellam New Member

    Found a solution for it. i got the same problem with my 64gb sandisk micro sd card, what i did to fix the issue is as follows.

    1) format your 64gb micro sd card with a card reader to NTFS (fat32 does not work) using MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition 7.8(its a bit tricky process and you should have a windows pc with card reader slot)

    2) then just insert the micro sd card into your S4, immediately you should get a message saying that its a blank card and your S4 needs to format it.

    3) proceed with format on your S4 and then there you go everything should work fine.

    after i followed the above method I never saw the unmount issue again on my S4, its working like a charm.

    let me know if you have any questions.
  14. CyberWinter

    CyberWinter Well-Known Member

    Ugg, I have the Sandisk Ultra 64GB and I'm experiencing the random SD card problems. This is frustrating cause it causes errors to the apps set on the SD. Can I return this SD after 3 months? Or is the re-formatting a guarantee fix?
  15. Goodspike

    Goodspike Well-Known Member

    Reformatting did nothing for me.

    Whether you can return it will depend on where you bought it. Costco, yes. Others. ?????
  16. kurivellam

    kurivellam New Member

    I want to take back what i said, formatting did not worked well and after a couple of days everything went south again.

    spoke with SANDISK they said its a problem with the memory card, so they are replacing with a new one. They sent me RMA with free UPS shipping label.

    As far as i know all sandisk microsd cards have 5 Years Replacement Warranty. i got mine back in January 2013 and they are replacing mine.

    Interestingly I am using a OLD 64gb Micrsd card which i used in my Galaxy Note I is working good.

    And my battery usage is much much better now. when i was using my BAD sd card, Media server was using about 80% of my S4 Phone battery so i had to frequently charge my phone (two to three times daily).

    but now after started using my Old Micro SD Card Media Server Battery usage is only 2% and now i am getting about 22 to 24 hours on full charge.

    hope this helps, replace your Micro SD Cards and life will be good :) :D
  17. jamin_00

    jamin_00 Active Member

    Ok. I'll get mine replaced again. Its a pita lol
  18. jamin_00

    jamin_00 Active Member

    Got it replaced and it was fine for a while. Now keeps doimg again every so often. Im gonna geab the sasumg one amd chuck this In an adapter and use it jn the video camera as its fine when I have tried it in that before.
  19. itsallgood

    itsallgood Well-Known Member

    Ya, I started having problems with my, SanDisk 32GB SD card, a week ago unmounting in my S4. Per help from others in this forum, I contacted SanDisk about my problem and they sent me a free shipping label to send my card to them and they will send me a new card. (I hope the problem is fixed). Mine went bad when I was recording videos and taking pictures for Christmas.
  20. Zangetxu

    Zangetxu Active Member

    mb it doesnt support?

    i've been noticing scan disk card problems lately. Not only here but other forums too.

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