S4 Active ROOT achieved by famed hacker Geohot!

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  1. 1080p

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  2. BobbyBlunt

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    Im glad that there is root for this device. I am happy for all the people that own this device that will eventually obtain root. Now my issue is geohot. He shouldn''t be labled as an "infamous PS3 hacker." The jailbreak he created on PS3 was using the key flaw Fail Overflow found. His so called jailbreak wasn't his own work ;)

    Good luck to all you S4 active owners in all of your endeavors. Just dont put too much faith into Egohot
  3. 1080p

    1080p Well-Known Member

    I really don't care how he does his work. But that doesn't mean he isn't infamous. He has been in the news. He has gotten into trouble for some of his stuff. Oh and look:

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  4. BobbyBlunt

    BobbyBlunt Member

    Not worth the time or energy to point out the things wrong with your post. Happy for everyone that owns this device that has root now :)


    One thing I will say to the op

    So lets say you release something great onto the world and I take it, use it and get all the credit without ever mentioning you that is ok? As I said this isnt a PS3 board and I am going to avoid the fanboy flame fight that this could potentially turn out to be but your views are seriously F*CKED.

    Also let me look at the definition that you so kindly left me :) Well I have looked at it (good to see I am in grade school English class again) and you know what I see..... a misuse of a word that you have to throw in people's faces like they dont know English. Famous maybe (he wouldn't have it any other way) but infamous.... hell no.

    Taken from his own site: "no warranty expressed or implied
    my first android root
    not my vuln
    with love for reactions"

    not my vuln? Big shocker there LOL. It isn't his work as usual. Also no credit given at all to the person that did find the vulnerability/exploit. Even if the person wanted to remain anonymous it still proves my point. He could've given credit to anon but no.... "not my vuln".... LOL of course it isnt
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  5. GregoryRasputi

    GregoryRasputi New Member

    Yeah he is famous, a famous ass hole :)

    He ripped off the PS3 scene and gave his anus to Sony to massage, now he is back using other peoples work.
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  6. Cobra ODE

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    Thanks GeoHot...You did it Again!!!!Thanks For That ODE Hack :)
  7. txhockeyman

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    Jealousy gets you nowhere. Instead of bitching, do it yourself or STFU

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