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  1. jaydub110

    jaydub110 Well-Known Member

    Need help. I just got my S4 Active today & when it's charging the phone it won't go into sleep mode the light fades down but doesn't completely turn off unless I hit the power button. Is there something in settings that I can turn off for it to work ? I can't figure out :confused: I have a docking station on my night stand & I want it to shut down completely to sleep.

  2. Evil.Bonsai

    Evil.Bonsai Well-Known Member

    That's pretty normal, I think. Works that way on my Galaxy Note, at least. Might be a setting that tells phone to leave screen on when plugged in, though.
  3. jaydub110

    jaydub110 Well-Known Member

    Thanks but I still haven't figured it out.You might be right.
  4. tennesseegirl

    tennesseegirl New Member

    Go to settings, more, developer options, and uncheck the stay awake option. I had the same problem and just now found the solution.
  5. jaydub110

    jaydub110 Well-Known Member

    Thanks that did the trick. Just couldn't figure it out I keep my phone on my nightstand on my docking station & the light was beginning to annoy me.:)

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