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S4 Battery and Charger $49 From Samsung DirectTips

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  1. Goodspike

    Goodspike Well-Known Member

    Galaxy S 4 Spare Battery Charging System

    This seems pretty nice, having a separate place to charge your backup back battery, and that charger might even be a good carrying case for the backup battery.

  2. KMoore7580

    KMoore7580 Well-Known Member

    I have this and love it. Got mine for $25. If you go to www.Samsung.com and register your phone, they will email you a coupon for 50% off 1 item from their story under $50. Not a bad deal at all, and I always have a full battery ready to go.
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  3. Goodspike

    Goodspike Well-Known Member

    I neglected to post the $49.99 price. That makes it seem like that 50% off coupon was designed just for this device!

    Does the charger make a good carrying case?
  4. fyrfyter612

    fyrfyter612 Well-Known Member

    I used my half off code to purchase this & it is a pretty cool thing to have. The charger could work as a carry case but they include a separate case for the battery. Overall it's a very good back up should ur battery run low with no way to charge it.
  5. rfortson

    rfortson Well-Known Member

    Sweet! I was thinking of buying this anyway (for $50) but just registered and got my coupon. Thanks for the tip!
  6. Atomicmachine

    Atomicmachine Well-Known Member

    I did that when I Bought my s4 and I don't remember to receive any coupon...
  7. itsallgood

    itsallgood Well-Known Member

    I got mine from Amazon and the whole package is really nice. Being able to charge the spare battery with its own dock and cord is really nice. I like the clear plastic holder for the battery as well. Its a must have and worth the money. (Even though I can get 14+ hours off one charge with stock and spare battery.)
  8. brbrem

    brbrem Member

    Does this charger come with a battery? Looking for clear answer.
  9. rfortson

    rfortson Well-Known Member

    Yes, it does.
  10. brbrem

    brbrem Member

    Thank you. Just ordered for $30.00 shipped. Good deal.

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