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S4 Battery DrainageSupport

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  1. whippey

    whippey Member

    Hey Guys

    November last year I dropped my phone into muddy water, so it was liquidity damaged. The phone only lasted about 4 hours with any type of usage. Thankfully, I got the phone repaired two days ago with Samsungs ADH cover. They pretty much replaced all my internal S4 parts because of the liquid damage.

    Yesterday I fully charged my device and then did all the firmware updates. After that, I took the phone off charge and proceeded to download apps, update them, configure my settings, set up all my required accounts and then browsed through some Facebook. I also then went for a run with some music. This all took about 1 hour and 50 minutes, bare in mind that the GPS was on for the first hour of usage then I deactivated it after noticing it was on. I can understand the battery would drai substantially but 50% in nearly 2 hours? Is that normal?

    Now I am monitering my phones drainage today and its currently on charge from 20%.

    Here are some screen shots, see the time, duration of being off charge and the percentage.



    Bare in mind I do not think I was using the device for heavy usage, just WhatsApp and a bit of Facebook along with about 3 emails.

    I just uploaded a Instagram picture via the app and it dropped 3% from doing so...

    The question is, did the repair centre miss something or is there an issue with my battery? They told me they tested the battery and it was fine...

  2. fontburn

    fontburn Well-Known Member

    I've always seen big battery drain after a new firmware - normally takes about a week to settle down - not a technical answer but it seems normal, well too me anyway.,
  3. electricpete

    electricpete Well-Known Member

    50 % in two hours does not seem abnormal if phone is working hard with screen on, heavy downloading, gps etc. Give it some time and watch during normal use.
  4. whippey

    whippey Member

    I am taking you see similar results?

    Great thanks :) And today's results seem normal to you?

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