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  1. taliostrovsky

    taliostrovsky New Member


    I purchased the galaxy s4 last night and i am pretty much done setting it up, however there are some issues with my contacts selection that are driving me crazy.... I synced all contacts with facebook, and gmail, but anytime i go to text someone and hit directory, it brings up ALL of the people I have ever e-mailed, even if it's just once, as well as all of the facebook contacts that don't match my contacts. I selected only those that match my contacts on facebook, and went back into the gmail settings to de-select syncing from gmail. I even went into the contacts app, and selected "device only" on what contacts to view, but I am still having this issue....

    Does anyone know how to fix this?

  2. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

    Go to Google Contacts (the web page). More. Export (as a CSV file).

    You can open that file in Excel or in Notepad (it's a text file.) Delete all the garbage you don't want. (Delete whole lines - don't try to play with deleting parts of lines unless you know how to read a CSV file.) Back to the web page and delete all your contacts. In your phone, delete all your contacts.

    Now, back on the web page, import the CSV file. You'll have only the contacts you want. The phone will sync up to that list and you'll have the same list in both the phone and the web page.

    (Always work on a copy of the CSV file, in case you screw something up.)
  3. taliostrovsky

    taliostrovsky New Member

    thanks, that worked. Any ways to get rid of all the facebook contacts that dont match my contacts?

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