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S4 Dropping calls on VerizonGeneral

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  1. rjg202

    rjg202 New Member

    I just upgraded my old Samsung Reality to a S4, one for me and one for the wife. I have dropped 3 calls so far on a major interstate. Verizon said it was a hard handoff? Now both phones at my home get low signal -115 dbm 25 asu 1-2 bars. The old reality got full signal, I am less than 2 miles from tower. Verizon said there was a lot of trees in the area. Does the S4 have reception issues? Verizon did not seem to concerned, though my signal at home is low, it is clear and a good connection with 4g. The other S4 has similar readings with the low bars. That has not dropped as far as I know. My settings are cdma/LTE. I don't know if the S4 is using different bands than the old phones or the signal bars aren't as sensitive.

  2. WalkaboutDavid

    WalkaboutDavid Well-Known Member

    My VZW s4 has super fantastic reception. As good as any phone I have owned.
  3. chris2k5

    chris2k5 Well-Known Member

    It is weak in terms of reception and signal strength. Worst of all the call quality is bad in my use and experience.

    My iPhone 4/4S/5 and Note 2 had no issues with calls and data at my house.

    Now with my S4, I am getting poor connections (voice) and my data drops to 3G all the time and stays there.

    Want to also note that it has gotten so bad I don't make phone calls anymore. I can't hear or make out what the person I am speaking to is saying whatsoever.
  4. speedlever

    speedlever Well-Known Member

    We are not having any signal/reception issues with our AT&T GS4 and iP5 phones. Very comparable to my GN2.
  5. joesixpack

    joesixpack Well-Known Member

    Quite frankly, I am getting somewhat perturbed by the "dropped calls" posts and threads (especially from "former" iPhone owners). My signal, albeit weak by some people's standards (-100 dBm), has never given me a dropped call with either my GNex or my S4. GPS locks on almost instantaneously now, call volume is much better, and my 4G signal is the best and most consistent I've ever experienced!

    How are we supposed to feel sorry for anyone experiencing "dropped calls" who doesn't provide us with any pertinent information - like the carrier they are on OR THEIR LOCATION!

    Stepping down from the soapbox now...
  6. WalkaboutDavid

    WalkaboutDavid Well-Known Member

    The op wasn't asking anybody to feel sorry for him. He was just wanting to see if his problem was unique or others were having it. Seems about as appropriate a post as it gets.
  7. speedlever

    speedlever Well-Known Member

    I don't think JSP was replying to the OP.

    (but I could be wrong). ;)
  8. rcyphermd

    rcyphermd Well-Known Member

    My numbers are similar to yours, but I get incredibly clear calls, even in my underground basement. I think what you hear on your phone and get with 4g is more important than the numbers of dbm or asu. They bothered me at first, but when the s4 consistently worked so well, it no longer concerned me.
  9. WalkaboutDavid

    WalkaboutDavid Well-Known Member

    Well, maybe I ought to just keep my big mouth shut sometimes! :D

    Anyway, my reception with this phone has been superb. That is why I am surprised to see these occasional complaints about dropped calls etc. I guess it must vary dramatically by the network in your own neighborhood.
  10. joesixpack

    joesixpack Well-Known Member

    Talk all you want, WBD! That's what the internets are for!

    Hopefully you can see why I'm puzzled. It would really help to know in what locations users are still suffering with dropped calls. It's hard for me to relate when I'm not having the same problem. My coverage has always been good here on Big Red in C-Land - even before with my (well-documented) buggy GNex!

    This whole thing sounds more like a carrier issue than an equipment one. That's why I can't understand why this is happening,

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