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S4 Firmware update killed S Planner!!Support

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  1. PBob1

    PBob1 Member

    Hi all, so I only just posted an introductory thread in the introductions forum as I'm brand new to this forum and I need help! I performed a firmware update on my S4 a few days ago (that apparently came from Telstra, not Samsung), backing up my data before I did it (with Samsung Kies). However I discovered yesterday that my S Planner has a slight glitch now. It has removed all my events, but not my tasks or notes. Whenever I go to enter a new event, the app freezes and then shuts down, giving me the following message, "Unfortunately, S Planner has stopped."

    This morning I discovered that my events are actually still there, if I look for them under day/week/yearly view, but month view still isn't showing them. I've downloaded Google calendar which I really am not a fan of the layout of, so would like to revert back to S Planner.

    I've been told by Samsung Australia AND Telstra to do a factory reset, but here's the problem: Samsung Kies wanted to do an update yesterday, after I backed up my phone, and now it has lost the most recent backup of my phone. PLUS, the phone came from Hong Kong and was in Chinese when I opened it out of the box, and all instruction manuals are in Spanish!!

    I really don't know what to do, please can someone help!!


  2. SirEagle

    SirEagle Well-Known Member

    What exactly do you want help doing? a factory reset?
  3. PBob1

    PBob1 Member

    Well, if it comes to that yeah probably. But I was more hoping someone can shed some light on whether a factory reset IS the only option or not. My line of thought is, if I do a factory reset, the phone is then going to ask to apply the same firmware update that wrecked S Planner in the first place - who's to say it won't just break all over again?? Is the fact that it's a Chinese phone part of the issue??
  4. Darnell0216

    Darnell0216 Well-Known Member

    Firmware updates don't uninstall with Factory Resets. They're installed to stay. The idea behind it is to erase any cached or working data that is conflicting pre- and post-update. If you made a Samsung Account, make sure to turn on backup/sync for the S-Apps, SMS/MMS, and Call Log.

    The fact that it came from China alone makes the device itself suspect, if you're not aware of the cloning. Under About Device, what do the Software Version and Android version say?
  5. PBob1

    PBob1 Member

    Oh.. Sooo does that mean a factory reset won't work?

    Android version is 4.2.2 and there is no software version noted down.

    I'm not impressed that this has happened to begin with, when I bought the phone I emailed the seller (once I discovered they are in china) asking if the phone's covered under warranty in Australia, and they said yes. I was told by Samsung yesterday that it's not covered in Australia.
  6. Darnell0216

    Darnell0216 Well-Known Member

    - Factory Reset should fix any data conflicts causing the S-Planner issues.
    - Software version is the very first item in About device.
  7. PBob1

    PBob1 Member

    Hmmmm ok my phone is definitely different then cause that's not the first item in About Device. The very first item in mine is the Software Update menu which opens up other options.

    Ok thanks for all your help. One more thing, if I do a factory reset, is there information on here about how to change the language from Chinese to English? Because that's the initial language that the phone will revert to.

  8. Darnell0216

    Darnell0216 Well-Known Member

    That is really odd on both accounts. Even though the version number is correct, I'm beginning to wonder about the phone. Having the Software Version up top in About phone is android standard though it's possible for some odd reason China is different. Download https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cpuid.cpu_z and see if everything checks out. Most often the giveaway is the Screen Resolution/Density not being 1080x1920/480dpi, root being detected on a factory purchased phone and the lack of humidity/temp sensors.

    Unfortunately I cannot help you with that, as I could've sworn there was a language selector when the phone first booted.
  9. PBob1

    PBob1 Member

    Ok I downloaded it, and the screen resolution is 1080x1920/480dpi.. It does say "no" beside Root Access, is that what you mean about root being detected? I really don't know what I'm looking at here, perhaps I should post some screen shots??

    Well I think that the first screen when the phone boots up IS a language selector, but I can't read Chinese so I don't know which button to press or anything! The Telstra guy changed it within about 3 seconds, I turned around to check on my son and when I looked back it was in English.
  10. Darnell0216

    Darnell0216 Well-Known Member

    Yes, that's what I was referring to and it seems okay. I'd hit Google and see if there's any quick vids on changing the language at start. Once you've done that and backed up what you need to, give the factory reset a try.
  11. PBob1

    PBob1 Member

    Ok I shall do, thanks for the help. Worse come to worse I can just take it down to the Telstra shop and get them to change it for me. I'm currently in the middle of moving house though so it's not really something I can attend to swiftly!

    One more thing I just noticed, I can't seem to see my sent mail in my email app, not sure if it's a known issue or part of this whole firmware update issue?

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