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S4 MHL / HDMI - keeps disconnectingSupport

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  1. steve1401

    steve1401 Well-Known Member

    Has anyone else got a UK S4 and an official Samsung MHL/HDMI apadter to work?

    Mine connects ok, I can see pictures on my TV in HD as expected and it's powered up with an official Samsung power lead (which I know is optional with the new MHL2)

    After about 10 minutes, the phone disconnects from the TV, then it starts trying to reconnect which just results in it going round in circles making pinging connect/disconnect noises. I need to unplug and start again.

    So, I've never got to watch more than 10 minutes of anything.

    Also, I have the phone set to airplane mode to stop any notifications which can apparently interfere with things.

    Help anyone???



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