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s4 on a macSupport

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  1. Jondus

    Jondus New Member

    I can't seem to find a "simple" answer to this anywhere...I want to switch to the Samsung S4, but I have a mac and no one can tell me if it's compatible and how to transfer music etc to the S4...

    thank you in advance

  2. Sylon

    Sylon Well-Known Member

    Kies works great. I have a rMBP and Kies allows me to update, upload music from my iTunes library, video files, etc. You can also use apps like Wifi File Explorer Pro for file transfers over wifi.

    The only thing I think you can't do (I dunno, haven't tried) with a Mac that you can with the iPhone is transfer TV shows and Movies downloaded from iTunes onto the S4. But I never put shows and movies on my phones, even when I had the iPhone. Didn't see a point, I have an iPad for that. So I haven't tried, nor does it bother me.
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  3. lotus49

    lotus49 Well-Known Member

    There are ways to do everything you need although not all of it is pretty.

    If you don't mind handing over all your data to Google and you don't have too much of it then syncing can be relatively straightforward. If you don't want to then it's still possible but don't expect the elegant and easy integration that you would get between a Mac and an iPhone because that just isn't possible.
  4. apkeene

    apkeene Member

    With "Android File Transfer" on the mac, you can copy whatever you like over. I use Dropbox for sync'ing photos into iPhoto.
  5. jamezr

    jamezr Member

    I went through this same exact thing when I switched to the S4.
    To sync music with iTunes install iSyncr. It will sync all the music and playlists you want from iTunes to your android phone.
    Sign up for Dropbox and install it on your phone and every Mac you have. It will sync every picture and video you take on your phone through the cloud and sync on every Mac you install it on. It works just like photo stream does..
    Next export and sync your contacts/calendar with Google.
    That should do it...
  6. Canesfan

    Canesfan Well-Known Member

    I've had these very issues. I have an iMac with Mountain Lion OS and the Samsung GS4. Unfortunately, I did not have good luck with Kies or Android File Transfer. When I tried them I experienced the not uncommon, known problem of the Android device not being recognized by the Mac when plugged in via the USB port. I'm not sure why some of us have had the problem and others do not. I literally tried everything with these software programs/apps., and contacted the publishers for help without success.

    The weird thing was that the first time I used the program, "Easy Phone Transfer" for bringing over my iTunes music and pictures to my S4 and wife's S3, it worked and I was successfully able to transfer my music and photos to the Android phones. Then, for some reason, it stopped working, again refusing to recognize the Android phones.

    If you are having problems with these transfer programs, an option is the use of the free app., Air Android. It has worked wirelessly every time for me. It is better for transferring a picture, file or song, one at a time.
  7. apkeene

    apkeene Member

    I've had one or two "device not recognised" issues but rebooting the Mac always solved them.
  8. Canesfan

    Canesfan Well-Known Member

    Didn't work for me nor did rebooting the phone :confused:.
  9. Pandamedic

    Pandamedic Member

    For android file transfer to work on your mac make sure you uninstall kies with via the install process,not just move it from the apps folder to trash. Worked fine for me doing this.

    After that I just copied all the music onto the sd card.

    Calendar, notes and contacts all sync up we'll from mac to google too
  10. Sylon

    Sylon Well-Known Member

    There is a warning that pops up if you install Kies while having Android File Transfer (AFT) installed already. It clearly states that you might have problems with AFT if Kies is installed. Maybe some people clicked that without reading.
  11. Canesfan

    Canesfan Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately, that didn't work for me either. I think I tried everything :(.
  12. ScandaLeX

    ScandaLeX Wasn't Me

    I also have a Mac and AFT never worked for me with or without Kies installed. Been using AirDroid which instead of going through the USB hoops it works over WiFi.

    Although I have DropBox I prefer it not to auto sync every pic I take.

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