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Support S4 question: New from iOS to Android

  1. jmcn72

    jmcn72 New Member

    Hello! So I'm brand spankin' new to Android after years with iOS and just received my S4 last night and trying to figure it out. So far I really like it! Anyway I do have one question which I don't know if it is a quirk related to TouchWiz, the S4 itself or JellyBean. I'm trying to get the swipe from Right to Left to activate the camera app on the Lockscreen to work. No matter what I try I cant get it to open to the camera it just goes back into the home screens. In Settings there's an option to check which lets you swipe to access the Camera app or Favorite Applications but I cant get either to work. This isnt a huge deal because i have an icon on my lockscreen to get to the camera but swiping would be nice too. If anyone can help.... Thanks!

  2. tdevaughn

    tdevaughn ROM Developer

    Touch the camera icon and swipe. Should work for you

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