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  1. Jen_12

    Jen_12 New Member

    So I basically cracked my screen and got it replaced at a screen in the mall! Basically my s4 no longer has a serial number under the battery b/c everything was replaced! it now gets very very hot and my battery is excessively drained! Do you think replacing my screen voided my t-mobile insurance? I have the jump insurance plan, thank you! Just asking :)

  2. clickerman

    clickerman Member

    They shouldn't have had to replace the area under the battery. The serial number should still be there. I wonder if they exchanged your phone for another one.
  3. Jen_12

    Jen_12 New Member

    Wow I never thought of that! They fixed my lcd and glass screen!
  4. sreum

    sreum Well-Known Member

    Yeah you probably won't ever be able to do an insurance claim now.

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