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  1. tidriver

    tidriver Member

    At&t gave me the unlock code for my S4. I unlocked it (I think) using an old inactive tmobile sim. Is there anyway to tell if my S4 is unlocked without using another carrier's sim card? When I insert the old tmo sim, I get a "sim card not provisioned" error message. Although I don't get the "enter unlock code" window anymore.

    I'd like to know if my phone is truly unlocked before I go overseas.

  2. Mr. Lucky

    Mr. Lucky Well-Known Member Contributor

    I'd be surprised if your phone is actually unlocked using a deactivated SIM. Out of curiosity, what did you say or have to agree to in order to get the unlock code from AT&T?
  3. tidriver

    tidriver Member

    the instructions the at&t rep gave me was to insert a foreign sim and enter the unlock code she gave me. so i used an old tmo sim and entered the code. Now I get "sim card not provisioned", after goggling it, I believe it means the sim is not a valid/functional sim. I stopped by a att service/repair store to see if they could tell me if it was unlocked, their reply "we don't unlock phones here". A att retail store was equally useless.

    to get the unlock code I called at&t customer service and told them I was going overseas and would like to use my phone there. The csr looked up my acct and gave me the code.
  4. tidriver

    tidriver Member

    I ended up going to a tmo store and asking one of the reps if I could borrow a tmo sim to see if my at&t S4 was truly unlocked. A rep was happy to oblige and gave me a brand new sim from behind the counter. and YES my S4 was unlocked as it had the tmobile in the upper left side of the screen. No error messages

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