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  1. jmr674

    jmr674 Member

    Love my new S5 but ...

    My deleted emails (pop) keep coming back. I've got it set to delete from server so that's all set correctly with pop and it still won't delete.

    When I resynch the deleted emails I just deleted reappear again. Very annoying indeed. Anyone got a fix for it? It is so annoying when you get loads of emails every day.

  2. AZgl1500

    AZgl1500 Well-Known Member

    Yes, it is annoying and there is a current thread on the same exact topic about 5 below this one.


    Some email apps are better at syncing with the host.

    Not sure how long it takes for Yahoo to decide to honor the external app's 'delete' command.
    I just now read an email with CloudMagic and then marked it Deleted.

    Using my PC I am watching the Yahoo mail screen and when I refreshed the page, it shows that same message as "being read". I then went on to read a couple more emails in my subscription list of stuff I get.

    I got distracted and onto something else. Came back to the email screen on CloudMagic and did a "refresh" from settings and all of those messages disappeared. I checked with my PC browser and they are gone from the web version also.

    * CloudMagic - Email App - Android Apps on Google Play

    give it a try.... just be patient, it takes a while for everything to sync up but it does work.

    If they are 'greyed out' then you have read them. don't try to view them again, if you do I get a message "That conversation does not exist"... then in a few moments, it is not displayed any more.

    * CloudMagic - Email App - Android Apps on Google Play
  3. jmr674

    jmr674 Member

    And what if I don't want to use a third party app (which I don't) ....
  4. RBStubbs

    RBStubbs Member

    My issue was resolved but not on the S5. I took it back to AT&T and got a Galaxy Note. Set up my 4 email accounts exactly the same as it was on my Galaxy 2 and S5 and now I am not having any issues. I didn't want to try and just swap out the phone for another S5 in the off chance it would occur again.
  5. jmr674

    jmr674 Member

    I worked out that if you swipe on the email in a left direction it deletes it permanently. The tick boxes don't seem to work. I've advised Samsung too. Clearly a bug.
  6. tenchy

    tenchy Well-Known Member

    Is that on the stock S5 email app (not Gmail?) I'm having the same extremely annoying situation. I copied the exact settings from my Galaxy Nexus default email client, which worked perfectly BTW, but getting the re-appearing emails.
  7. jmr674

    jmr674 Member

    It's s SUPER BUGGY email app.

    I have 5 pop email accounts and I have also noticed it just stops downloading from several of the accounts too.

    I've ditched it and gone with K9 - too unreliable.

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