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  1. TheBardKSU

    TheBardKSU Member

    Hey all,

    I am currently using a 3GS phone, so needless to say it's time for an upgrade. I have narrowed down a new phone choice to the S5 or S5 Active. But, I have some questions hopefully you folks can answer.

    Does anyone use the Spigen Tough Armor case? Do the buttons feel very responsive? My 3GS has a very responsive buttons and I really like that. I don't like cases that cause "misfire" buttons or where you can barely feel them being pushed down. Plus the Galaxy phones seem to have a sort of "looser" feel to the volume rocker where there is a little bit of play to the buttons without pressing them down and very narrow side buttons. The 3GS buttons seem much more firm and solid feeling when compared to Galaxy phones. But the S5 active seems to have more of the "firm" side buttons compared to the S5. Any other thoughts to this issue that people have?

    I know the S5 can use the Zagg tempered glass screen protectors, but the S5 Active cannot. It seems in general more people like the Zagg. Is there an equivalent to the Zagg in a different brand for the S5 Active that you like?

    These two issues are the ones I'm considering to decide between the two phones, but if you have other reasons you like one vs. the other I'd also be interested to hear those too!


  2. MWD9557

    MWD9557 New Member

    I would go with the standard S5. The S5 Active is a bit bulkier, the bottom push buttons are not as responsive as with the touch buttons on the standard S5, and you can't find too many cases out there for the Active S5, if you like cases as I do. Plus in my opinion, the Standard S5 is more sexy looking too, and easier to resell if need to! :)
  3. MWD9557

    MWD9557 New Member

    well just went to the Active model from the standard 5S because I wanted a more weather protected device .... I do like it better afterall

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