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  1. barkrawr

    barkrawr New Member

    I know s5 can switch usb modes between camera and device, and I know I have the s5 on usb media device, but it won't play music through usb in my car. Other phones work fine by using mass storage device. Has anyone tried this? I'm not sure on the make and model of the stereo, some random sony I believe. Any ideas on trouble shooting? Thanks all! :confused:

  2. generic username

    generic username Well-Known Member

    I have encountered the same issue for other android phones in different cars. If you can't find a workaround for the USB itself, one solution is an auxiliary chord, which many people have forgotten about due to more widespread USB usage.

  3. barkrawr

    barkrawr New Member

    Yes aux works, but USB charges at the same time so it is preferred. Would rooting my phone allow usb mass storage options? currently there are only two usb options, media device (which i assume includes usb mass storage) and camera mode. I'm thinking there is probably some way to connect the galaxy s5 to a sony stereo by toggling usb options.
  4. Crafty

    Crafty Well-Known Member

    If you have an aux socket you might find a belkin aircast useful.

    The aircast is a bluetooth device, it plugs in to the aux socket, you connect the phone via bluetooth to the aircast, giving you wireless aux-in.
    You can pause, skip to next and previous tracks by tapping the aircast button, it also allows you to accept incoming calls and take them hands free as it has a microphone in the button.
    It is powered by a normal cigarette socket, the plug on the aircast has a usb socket in it too, allowing you to charge the phone from it.
  5. barkrawr

    barkrawr New Member

    I'm not sure how to make it any more clear... I want to use usb, not bluetooth or aux.
  6. Crafty

    Crafty Well-Known Member

    It won't work, mass storage was removed from Android a few versions ago IIRC, MTP only now. Unless your car stereo supports MTP ? have you looked ?

    People are trying to help suggest viable alternatives that will achieve what you are trying to do (i.e. play music to the car).
  7. jmatteis

    jmatteis Well-Known Member

    It's not just about playing music through the stereo. It's also about accessing file structure. With my iPhone I was able to access folder albums play lists etc through the stereo head. With my bt I can listen to music but only play and pause. And forward next song.
    I have the pioneer 2400bt radio and there are apps in play that are supposed to be compatible according to the creators. But they don't with either.
  8. samger2

    samger2 Member

    Just wondering if there's been any new info on this? I have the same problem with my S5...on my S2 I was able to change the phone to a mass storage device in settings...not so much with the S5. Any new info on the S5?
  9. Carpe Nocturnal

    Carpe Nocturnal Well-Known Member

    My Sony XPLOD will not let me connect my S3 nor S5 to play music or access files it will charge however, I play the music and use my phone through blue tooth or if needed the aux in. My guess is that the older radios just dont have the capabilities with these newer phones. Might be time for an upgrade but then again BT works great.

  10. PS4AndroidHacker

    PS4AndroidHacker Well-Known Member

  11. jmatteis

    jmatteis Well-Known Member

    What were your results with your S5? I tried it on mine, the only option is for USB connection, as the default, when I click the change button or whatever it is (dont have phone handy right now), it shows the only other option as "null" and then asked to cancel, or reboot.

    How is this app supposed to work?
  12. skylinedreamer

    skylinedreamer New Member

    Android came up with Android Open Accessory Protocol (AOA 2.0) to support USB streaming quite sometime ago. But none of the car stereo manufacturers have looked into it.

    But recently I saw that JVC 2014 car stereos supports this feature by a firmware update. I tested the functionality and its great. I hope they will also come up with meta tag information being displayed on the head unit.

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