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S5570 Hangs randomlySupport

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  1. rajsabharwal

    rajsabharwal Member

    My GT-5570 hangs (freezes) randomly. This happens only when the mobile is in sleep mode. When I press the ON button to wake it up nothing happens.

    In this hanged state, I tried the following:

    1. Tried to call my (this hanged) mobile from another phone and the bell was going but no ringtone/vibration happened.

    2. In a seperate time, I tried to connect to USB, My laptop detected the phone but didnt showed the folders. Also charging sign didnt showed up. The screen is simply dead.

    To Fix it I have tried to hard reset the device by going through menu-> settings->privacy->Factory data reset. It did reduced the frequency to hangs to doesnt fix the issue.

    Also I have updated it to the latest firmware: PDA:KC1 / PHONE:KC1 / CSC:KC1 (INU).

    On a side note before the last upgrade, there used to be few random reboots but havnt seen any recently after upgrade.


    Kindly reply if anybody is facing the same issue or has a resolution.

    (I am weary of handing it over to customer support as they say it will take 10 days and I dont want my new mobile to get dirty :p )

  2. kraffslol

    kraffslol New Member

    This happens to me too so you're not alone with the issue. I havent found a fix for it though :(
  3. rajsabharwal

    rajsabharwal Member

    Ok, the problem persists and I am starting to get really anoyed (now almost a daily thing) so I decided to run Catlog in background.

    After couple of failed trys , finally got a freeze during catlog recording.

    I am attaching here these logs (Last 50 mins of it as the total logs were about 10-12 hours long).

    I am still missing what actually caused the SOD (Learned a new term :"Sleep of Death" :D while searching for this issue).

    Can anyone Help

    Attached Files:

  4. jaikrishna

    jaikrishna Active Member

    You did not mention whether you rooted the device or updated it.

    Does the problem exist from the date of purchase or after certain event?
  5. rajsabharwal

    rajsabharwal Member

    I do wish to keep the warranty so haven't rooted it yet and I have updated it to the latest version: PDA:KC1 / PHONE:KC1 / CSC:KC1 (INU) (had mentioned this in my original post ).

    Problem does exist from the date of purchase (actually for first couple of instances, I thought I had accidently switched off the mobile (while putting it in its pouch or something) but eventually realized that it was SOD.
  6. rajsabharwal

    rajsabharwal Member

    Update - Nothing was solving the issue, so i took it to service center.

    They did factory reset (not via privacy->factory reset but by dialing some reset code). The phone has not "SOD"ed as since then (being more than a week now).

    Keeping my fingers crossed.
  7. Gew

    Gew Active Member

    Bought my phone about a week ago. Firmware was ~KC1, I upgraded it to ~KC7 using Kies. Have had a couple of Sleep Of Deaths, which sucks. Any ideas or workarounds? I might add that I've installed like ~60 apps, of which some may cause instability in the system. Not entirely sure. Ideas?
  8. eraonel

    eraonel New Member


    Did you manage to handle the "sleep of deaths"?


  9. Gew

    Gew Active Member

    Sorry to say, I haven't. Sleep of Death's occur ~once a day. Also, I have another issue with my phone (mentioned here). Will probably leave it for service. However, rumor has it Android v2.3 will soon officiall drop, so I may wait, just in case it (after all) appears to be a software issue.
  10. rajsabharwal

    rajsabharwal Member

    Update - I think the hard factory reset that the service centre folks did has almost fixed the issue. In last one month there's been only 1 SOD and its working pretty ok now. So my advice if its in warranty take it to service center.
  11. ena

    ena New Member

    my galaxy mini was really performing so slow...
    i want to know what to do...
    when i text, it takes a long time to finish my message because i need to wait for my phone to respond with what i am typing.
  12. ena

    ena New Member

    my galaxy mini was really performing so slow...
    i want to know what to do...
    when i text, it takes a long time to finish my message because i need to wait for my phone to respond with what i am typing.
  13. soorazkalu

    soorazkalu New Member

    my galaxy mini becomes slow when calling or receiving. when i call the ring goes but it does not show dialler for long times. while disconnecting call, it takes much time also. i updated 2.2 to 2.3 again 2.4 anf finally 2.6. but still faces same problem. does anmy one hav solution for it?
  14. annson08

    annson08 Member

    hey people..don't freak out, there's alot of method to fix that..firts try to clear cache and factory reset it. if it still doesn't work, reflash it, or better, update it.
  15. suicidallooney

    suicidallooney Well-Known Member

    This is a constant problem rooted or not, out of the box with original firmware, updated firmware or not all the way to gingerbread i have experience this. not so often after gingerbread update but alot from the first few hours of having the phone.

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