S5570I shuts down unexpectedly

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  1. amossz

    amossz Active Member


    Once in a whilte, my cell shuts down unexpectedly and not because the battery is dead.

    The last time was last night when it was in charge and with an alarm clock set to be activated but it didn't

    When I woke up, there was the battery icon with 100% charged, the same icon is there when the cell is OFF but in charge mode.

    I press the ON button and it got ON with no problem and still showed me the alarm icon waiting to be activated even though the time has passed.

    I'm using android 2.3.6 without many applications. Is there some kind of a log (built in or that I can install) that can give me a hint about what's going on?

  2. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    I could be a faulty battery, even though you might think it's OK. Have you tried another battery? I had a Nokia E71 doing that, unexpectedly shutting down, even though it was showing a full charge.
  3. amossz

    amossz Active Member

    I didn't try anything yet, I'm looking for potential reasons for this problem. After you replaced the battery it didn't happen?

    I don't have another battery at hand so I will give this a try when I have one.

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