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S5830 Boot Loop

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  1. Nepsotic

    Nepsotic New Member

    Hi, I'm new here, and I need some help. My Galaxy Ace was running on a CyanogenMod port for the Galaxy Ace (ICS), but it was causing the phone to run slowly, so I decided to downgrade my phone back to Gingerbread using Odin.

    I must of forgot to wipe it first or something, because after flashing a custom ROM, it got stuck in a boot loop.

    Since then I have tried flashing many different custom and official ROMs, but all to no avail. The device is still bricked. I have tried using fastboot and oneclickunbrick, but they don't work either. I figured that I must wipe my phone/factory reset, but I can't get into recovery mode, it just takes me into RAMDUMP mode, I don't even know what that is. I can, however get into Download mode, but flashing different ROMs won't help, I don't think, as I think what I need to do is wipe the phone. Is there any way to do this without going into recovery?

  2. ayush29k

    ayush29k Well-Known Member

    Are you sure you used Odin?? Odin doesn't requires you to wipe anything before flashing.
    As you say it is stuck in a bootloop, its easily recoverable via actually flashing a stock samsung firmware via Odin. But if you can get into recovery mode(home + power button combo) try to wipe /data and cache and see if it boots.
    [TUTORIAL] How to upgrade, root, flash Recovery & Custom ROM Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 - xda-developers

    Bootloop does not mean bricked! Bricked is when you look at your phone and a brick and the only difference you can tell between them is that your phone looks better than the brick and is made of plastic. :p
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  3. Nepsotic

    Nepsotic New Member

    Thanks, I'll try that. :)

    EDIT: OK, so I tried to install the original firmware using Odin, like you said, but now my phone won't switch on at all! Is there anything I can do? :(

    EDIT 2: Now I can switch the phone on, but it's still stuck in the boot loop! I'm starting to lose all hope now :(
  4. ayush29k

    ayush29k Well-Known Member

    Go to recovery mode, do factory reset, wipe cache partition and in advanced clear dalvik cache. Reboot and see if it boots.
  5. Nepsotic

    Nepsotic New Member

    I can't, whenever I try to go into recovery mode, it takes me into RAMDUMP mode, and does nothing.
  6. ayush29k

    ayush29k Well-Known Member

    What keys combination are you using?
    Recovery mode is Home+Power button
  7. Nepsotic

    Nepsotic New Member

    OH my GOD! I can't believe I have been so stupid, I have been pressing the wrong buttons! I was pressing Volume UP and power! Thanks so much guys, it's working now, I don't believe the solution was this simple!

    I am an idiot :L


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