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Safe mode workaround?

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  1. rantyr

    rantyr Active Member

    I'll start with the tl;dr version: Stuck in safe mode. Read 1,2 and 3 to help!

    I need to use old optimus M while my esteem gets repaired.Dropped this phone in the toilet about a year ago(great story, just not for here). I did the rice thing and all worked well for about 48 hours.

    Then my phone started booting into safemode randomly. Now it only boots if I hit the camera, search or menu keys when it's booting. Otherwise it just sits on the white LG screen.

    My phone is rooted and when I got into the "push a button and I'll tell you which keypress I'm registering" mode in CWM, it tells me that if I push search, menu or camera I'm actually pushing two buttons. I understand this is the result of water damage, please don't point that out.

    So Is there a way to:

    1) remap/disable keys from CWM (can't install apps and do it unless someone knows a way to get an app to register as a system app that I haven't tried)

    2) fix this issue that doesn't involve further submersion in various liquids

    3) force the phone to ignore the safe mode boot option

    Thank you all for your time and (hopefully) your advice. It is much appreciated.

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  2. mndgme

    mndgme Well-Known Member

    I have posted many times in different threads about this "Safe Mode" phone state. I have 3 M's and 1 is stuck in safe mode (holding all four hard keys while booting sometimes works).

    The phone doesn't have a custom recovery on it, as I got it like it is. I have rooted once while it booted normally but didnt' perform right.

    The search and menu hard keys are "switched" around (pressing menu brings up search and search brings up menu). Also to get the phone past the white LG screen I have to press either the search or menu button after a few seconds (when the lights come on).

    I still haven't tried to mess with adding custom recovery or reprogramming with QPST, CDMA Workshop or LGNPST.

    But without a custom recovery on it prior to getting it, has anyone "fixed" a safe mode issue like that?
  3. rantyr

    rantyr Active Member

    If you are able to get it out of safemode even once you can get around this issue by installing a key-remapping app. Just change the keys that are wonky to ones that do not interfere with the startup operations. It's a hassle, but worth the effort for a normally(lol?) functioning phone.
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