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  1. supersean

    supersean Active Member

    when i booted it up it was on safe mode how can i get it out of it:(

  2. Jazziette

    Jazziette Well-Known Member

    Turn your phone off and back on again.
  3. joser116

    joser116 Guest

    What she said:D
  4. Jazziette

    Jazziette Well-Known Member

  5. kacktus

    kacktus New Member

    battery pull, press down and red button as soon as you put the battery back in. good luck!
  6. stamper

    stamper Active Member

    safe mode? I thought the android os was build on linux not windows. LOL!
  7. ria

    ria New Member

    how do i exit safe mode ????:confused:
  8. Scur

    Scur Well-Known Member

    Scroll up just a little...

  9. Eva2021

    Eva2021 New Member you turn safe mode on? Its my sons. Phone and I don't want anything he shouldn't see.pop up

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