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  1. davidnmegan6907

    davidnmegan6907 Well-Known Member

    My phone went into safe mode? Never even knew this phone had a safe mode. How did it happen any ideas? I had to battery pull then when I rebooted it logged me out of everything. I'm very confused :confused:

  2. saps

    saps Well-Known Member

    How'd you do that?
  3. davidnmegan6907

    davidnmegan6907 Well-Known Member

    I dunno thats y I'm asking this one is over my head. I did a search came up with nothing on here
  4. davidnmegan6907

    davidnmegan6907 Well-Known Member

    I went to android central, xda, samsungfascinateforums, no answers anywhere
  5. saps

    saps Well-Known Member

    I mean did you reboot and it booted into safe mode? Or did you just wake it from sleep and it was already in safe mode?
  6. davidnmegan6907

    davidnmegan6907 Well-Known Member

  7. saps

    saps Well-Known Member

    from recovery or just the launcher? And are you still in safe mode or gtg?
  8. davidnmegan6907

    davidnmegan6907 Well-Known Member

    Gtg now, had turned phone off came back on that way
  9. saps

    saps Well-Known Member

    Hmmm, looks like that trojan horse I sent you worked then :p
  10. davidnmegan6907

    davidnmegan6907 Well-Known Member

    Haha I'm married now don't need those anymore :p
  11. davidnmegan6907

    davidnmegan6907 Well-Known Member

    But seriously no problems I see of just curious that I can't find any explanation
  12. saps

    saps Well-Known Member

    Never heard of anyone but adrynalyne being in safe mode. But I couldnt tell you how he got in there.
  13. davidnmegan6907

    davidnmegan6907 Well-Known Member

    O well, if I ever figure it out I'll let you know
  14. quarky42

    quarky42 New Member

    I just had it happen to me. I booted up my phone with the middle finger of my right hand on the power button and my thumb on the left... So if you can picture it my whole hand was over the phone. I'm sure I brushed one of the buttons at the bottom while I was trying to power up single handedly.

    I did a search on google and came up with this thread and came up with another site that said you get into safe mode while holding the menu button during the power on. I just tried that again right now and it does not appear to work on the Fascinate, on the other hand I'm sure I touched something while I was trying to power up or maybe I touched the menu button while shutting down.

    I'll play with it another time. I need to get to bed.
  15. mtthwclgn

    mtthwclgn New Member

    Just Happened to me... I googled and found this. I have two batteries and switch back and forth often. This morning when swapping batteries I booted in safe mode???? Pulled battery and booted fine. My apps have been reorganized buts that's the only word thing I see.
  16. kresnorf

    kresnorf New Member

    The only way I know of to put that phone into safe mode is if you tap or hold the menu key when you are booting up the phone. Also, if you tape emergency call or dial 911 it will put your phone into safe mode.
  17. Rondebom

    Rondebom New Member

    Press the power button and all four touch screen buttons at the bottom (menu, home, etc.) While you are turning on the phone do this and it is oit of safe mode.
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  18. patelmehul1111

    patelmehul1111 New Member

    may be this will help you
  19. DixPix

    DixPix New Member

    This discussion was found with google search and helped me. I have periodically had my Stratosphere go into safe mode. This time I noticed I could not use various apps. I have learned now that Safemode can be accidentally entered by holding Menu and/or other buttons while powering up the phone. "Safemode" appears in the corner of the screen - in my case, right over the phone icon. It's purpose is to block apps loaded from various sources when diagnosing phone problems. To get rid of it, turn off phone and remove/replace battery.

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