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  1. Kold

    Kold Member

    so i guess i stumbled upon this today, i recieved a text and all of the sudden my phone shut off and kept rebooting until i removed the battery, once i reinstalled the battery and tried again i got the same result.

    the problem was with my launcher (go launcher ex), when it tried to load the icons for my home screen(s) it would for whatever reason, reboot my phone.

    well after my phone restarted i tried to boot into recovery to wipe the cache and such.

    WELL i guess i hit home+menu+up on the D-Pad a little too late, but what i noticed was almost a hidden feature that comes with velocity?

    safe mode :)

    it booted my phone without starting anything automatically (advanced task killer, go launcher) and so i was able to clear the data for Go Launcher EX, and after rebooting one last time, my phone started up just fine.

    just thought this might be helpful for someone who never knew it was there, or a possible solution to boot loop.

    i held it down right after the new velocity splash screen and just before the boot animation.


  2. KingOfGreen

    KingOfGreen Well-Known Member

    This is completely unrelated to your post but if you are using task killers, DON'T it's a waste of space and will do you no good.
  3. Kold

    Kold Member

    Really? I always felt like they helped and most of the time I could tell the difference. What's not good with the task killers?
  4. KingOfGreen

    KingOfGreen Well-Known Member

    With task killers, you kill processes that will open back up anyway. And when they do it will use the cpu and drain your battery. It takes the same amount of battery juice and cpu to hold something in memory as it does to have that space free. Also having things held in memory will mean they open ALOT more quickly and you will use LESS battery and cpu because it doesnt have to keep reopening them. Unless you have a runaway, poorly written app thats eating resources in the background you have nothing to gain by killing off tasks. And if you have an app doing that youre better of removing it. AndroidOS was built from the ground up to manage its own memory. As you need more it will close off what you arent using. You can google the subject and find plenty of articles explaining this better than i can but in short, do away with the task killers. They hinder the ability of the os to operate the way it was intended.
  5. death2all110

    death2all110 VIP Member VIP Member

    Safe mode has been on the phone since it was first released. holding the OK key down does it usually. Did you have anything like widgets or even the launcher moved to the SD card?
  6. Kold

    Kold Member

    no actually i didnt, all my stuff that boots with the phone, including widgets was on the phone. the only stuff thats on the sd card would be games and misc apps that i only use occasionally.

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