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  1. computergeek24

    computergeek24 Active Member

    I have been looking for a list of apps that are safe to freeze other than the obvious verizon apps. Everyone's input is valued.

  2. rjglenn

    rjglenn Well-Known Member

    Ooh, another Commando convert. Subscribing so I can see the list.
  3. cbreze

    cbreze Well-Known Member

    Another commando convert here also. I have seen a list from time to time, but have lost track so guess I'm no help at all.
    What I've done tho is thru trial and error found a lot of stuff that freezes with no Ill effects. Some things I would have to thaw after it messed something up but only a couple. If you use titanium and just run down the list of stuff it is mostly obvious with a little common sense thrown in and remembering you can always go back for the thaw. I did not do to many questionable ones at once so I wouldn't have to remember what I had done, made it easier to just do a couple at a time if there is any question about it. And remember what one person might freeze another might not as they use it. So each list is kind of arbitrary in my opinion as everyone's needs and uses are different. I'd just explore and have fun with it, remembering what you've done.
  4. srq2625

    srq2625 Well-Known Member

    When one reads this, understand I have apps installed that replace some of the OEM apps (K-9 Email, Go SMS Pro, Dolphin HD browser, etc). The "My Gallery" app is seriously crippled when it comes to photos so I replaced it with something much nicer and faster. And, I do my own backups, thank you very much!
    This list was built over time - Freeze a bunch of the obvious ones and wait. If I find something broken, a little net research and I find the item that needs to be thawed.
    Also, check the running applications from time to time and cherry pick the ones you want to see disappeared - freeze those. Wait while using your phone normally. Wait some more. Repeat.

    Apps 2.01.17
    Backup Assistant Plus 1.0
    Backup Assistant+ 1.0
    Backup Assistant+ Contacts 2.3.6
    Backup Assistant+ Media 1.0
    Bookmarks 2.3.6
    [BOOKMARKS]Browser 2.3.6
    CarDock 1.0
    Corporate Sync 2.3.6
    Data collection 1.01
    Data Collector Service 1.0
    Data Collector Provider 1.0
    Email 2.3.6
    Email Aco****s 0.9
    Email Authenticator 2.3.6
    Fixed Email Authenticator 2.3.6
    Gmail 2.3.6
    Google Play Books 2.4.2
    Google Play MOvies 1.4.11
    Google Play Music 4.1.513
    IM Presence 2.3.6
    MOG 1.2.67
    MOTOACTV 2.0.33
    MotoCast 1.0
    MotoCast ID 2.3.6
    MS Exchange 2.3.6
    Music STore 2.3.6
    My Gallery 1.0
    My MotoCast 1.0
    My Music 2.3.6
    NewBayService 1.3.18
    NewBayServiceClient 1.3.16
    News 2.3.6
    NFL Mobile 5.8
    Shazam 3.9.0
    Slacker Radio 3.2.2019.94
    Smart Actions
    Social Location 6.02
    Social Messaging 2.3.6
    Social Messaging Service 2.3.6
    Social Networking 2.3.6
    Social Sharing 2.3.6
    Social Status 2.3.6
    Sticky Notes 2.3.6
    Text Messaging 2.3.6
    V CAST Tones 4.5.16
    Verizon Locaiton Agent
    Verizon Video 6.2.51
    Video Player 2.3.6
    VZ Navigator
    WEbtop 1.0
    Webtop Connector 1.0
    Youtube 2.4.4
    Youtub Authenticator 2.3.6
    ZumoService 1.1.6
  5. armeN0317

    armeN0317 Well-Known Member

    Excuse the ignorance but I'm coming from an HTC Evo and we just deleted the apps we did not want after rooting. Any reason why we can't do that on the Razr and have to freeze them instead?
  6. srq2625

    srq2625 Well-Known Member

    rumor has it that deleting the wrong thing could impact one's ability to install the next OTA upgrade. If one freezes things they don't want, one can unfreeze, do the OTA, and then refreeze when things settle down after the install. And, on the RAZR, memory isn't a major issue so leaving the apps on the phone will have minimal (if any) impact on the functioning of the phone.

    Another thought is that it's easier to recover from freezing "the wrong thing" than it is to undelete/restore that app.
  7. jcarlosfox

    jcarlosfox Well-Known Member

    All true...except...NEVER NEVER EVER Freeze "Dialer" - even if you are using another dialer. It causes a Force Close loop that is very difficult to work around.
  8. cbreze

    cbreze Well-Known Member

    The voice of experience perhaps? Yah, a little common sense is of course a good thing when freezing stuff.
    So, a rethaw help or not right away then?
  9. neil154

    neil154 Well-Known Member

    I have just rooted my Bionic and would like to know the benefit of freezing the garbage apps that Verizon included. Will freezing give me better performance? Will freezing increase battery life? What other benfits?

  10. Jordan

    Jordan Well-Known Member

    I found a Bionic forum for you here! Motorola Droid Bionic - Android Forums :)
  11. neil154

    neil154 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the lead, I will study it

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