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  1. abrahamramirez

    abrahamramirez Well-Known Member

    I am creating this topic because I think we could use a thread dedicated to see what is safe to remove and what is not.

    Right now it won't have much, but I plan to provide good info. please post what you have been able to remove and even what Bootloops phone or just causes problems.


    Ways to Remove Unnecessary Apps

    One way and my personal favorite is to use Titanium Backup. It can uninstall these apps but can also back them up.

    Another way is to use a file manager that can access /system/app. this is one of the harder ways since it can get difficult to know what is what because it just gives package names. ex. com.mobitv.client.tmobiletvhd.apk is the T-Mobile TV app

    Safe to remove NOTE: This is how they appear in Titanium Backup. Always make a backup both TiB and Nandroid before starting
    Buddies now 1.0
    Custimize homescreen 1.o
    Email 1.0 (this is the widget not the android email app)
    Game Base
    Google Play Books
    Home screen tips
    Media Hub
    More for Me
    News & Weather
    Ocean Weather
    Polaris Office
    Pro Apps
    Slacker Radio
    Social Hub (app)
    Social Hub (widget)
    TeleNav GPS
    TwLauncher (only if you have a replacement launcher. Ex. Adw, go, Zeam, ...)

    Unsafe to remove. Do not remove!
    Media provider

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  2. abrahamramirez

    abrahamramirez Well-Known Member

    If you do remove something you shouldnt

    If you can boot, then just restore the app you removed in titanium backup.

    If you bootloop you got two options
    1. Restore Nandroid backup in CWM (good thing I did a Nandroid backup, right?)
    2. No Nandroid Backup, its not guarantied but you might be able to use this: . A factory reset/data wipe may be needed in stock recovery

    I will try to see if I can post backup files in case some one does remove something they shouldn't.

    mediaprovider.APK and .Odex:

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  3. don0017

    don0017 Member

    These are my personal success; I hold no responsibility to what may happen to your phone by uninstalling these. Maybe someone can confirm my own success also.

    My personal success in removal:

    411 & More
    MobileLife Contacts
    MobileLife Family
    T-Mobile Mall
    T-Mobile Name ID
    T-Mobile Video Chat
    Visual Voicemail

    Note: I did not remove the "Bonus Apps" Widget as this provide download shortcuts to some of the applications installation if ever you need to re-install.

    These applications were listed in the Bonus Apps, but did not provide a "download" button if you ever want to put them back. (Unless you have gone backup with TiB as stated in OP; I did :) )
    T-Mobile TV
    MobileLife Contact
  4. ba1970

    ba1970 Member

    Hello gang,

    My question, if I remove visual voicemail, will I still be able to listen to voice mails? Will it be like in the old days before there was visual voicemail?

  5. ba1970

    ba1970 Member

    The answer is yes.
  6. b3nj4m1n

    b3nj4m1n Member

    Does anyone know the location of all the carrierID stuff so I can delete that?

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