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  1. WildH

    WildH Well-Known Member

    Just saw in the sunday flyer they have the 32gb white version for $299.00 at office depot.

  2. robcatron

    robcatron Member

    I picked one up yesterday. I was going to hold out for the Transformer Prime, but $299 for a second tablet - a 32GB one - is quite a good deal.

    I am having problems with it, though - I am going to post a thread for advice

    Rob Catron

  3. rockhunter

    rockhunter New Member

    Staples advertised the 32GB ideapad K1 for $279.95 both online and in their local weekly add on Sunday. I checked Monday and picked one up. Now I just need to find a case and screen protector.
  4. naykam0810

    naykam0810 Member had the black one for $349 which included a free keyboard dock. I picked one sunday, and I think they are out of stock. You can't beat that for the price.
  5. robcatron

    robcatron Member

    I really like this official Lenovo case:

    Lenovo -

    It is very high quality and substantial. I ordered and received it via two days. It is dirt cheap on sale. I also ordered the keyboard/dock:

    Lenovo -

    I am very impressed with the packaging of both - very Apple like, actually - very high quality all around.
  6. teknotrance

    teknotrance New Member

    How do you format the micro sdhc card?
    I have a patriot 32gb micro sdhc class 10 card.
    I tried putting it on but didnt work or show any detection at all?
    What type of format to use? filesystem, allocation size?

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