Same album art repeated on almost all songs?

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  1. Androidl0l

    Androidl0l New Member

    First and foremost, all my music does have an album art of its own! I added these using iTunes, and I'm using a Mac. Also, I'm using a Galaxy S2

    However, most of my music is displaying an album art that doesn't correspond to that shows up in my iTunes library.

    What's going on? How do I fix it?

    To pass the music from my iTunes to my phone all I did was connect them through a USB cable and drag and drop to the corresponding music folder.

    All answers are appreciated! :D

  2. myshkin

    myshkin Well-Known Member

    There is an app called Cover Art Grabber. This will allow you to not only get any album art you don't have but to also change album art already in place. This is a free app.


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