Same data with regular SIM in a prepaid phone?

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  1. ecjwz

    ecjwz New Member

    So i was getting a new gophone since my old phone broke... but now i have to transfer the SIM onto it. I currently have 3 GB of data paid with this SIM... does that mean i will have the same when i transfer it to the gophone?

  2. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    Hi ecjwz, and welcome to AF :)

    If you have not changed your contract (as might happen with a phone upgrade) then you'll be fine. The limit is with your contract, not the handset - you can put the SIM in any handset and your call, text and data allowances are unaffected.
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  3. ecjwz

    ecjwz New Member

    Thank you Hadron for a quick reply, and for the welcome!

    I just had a sigh of relief haha

    thanks again Hadron! I will be enjoying this site more than i intended to.

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