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Sample Pictures on SD CardSupport

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  1. hanginghelmet

    hanginghelmet Well-Known Member

    Hello everyone, I did a Factory Restore on my Evo V 4G because my data was terrible and couldn't send or receive pictures. After the restore I am now able to send/receive pics. My problem is when doing the restore when it asked me to erase the data on the SD card I selected yes because I backed up the pics I had taken. I didn't know that the sample pics that came preinstalled on the phone were on the sd card and after the restore i realized the sample pics were gone. Some of the sample 3d pics were pretty cool and I would like to get them back. is there any way to get these back? thanks in advance for everyones help!!

  2. pinocytosis

    pinocytosis Well-Known Member

  3. TheConcertKing

    TheConcertKing Well-Known Member

  4. hanginghelmet

    hanginghelmet Well-Known Member

    You rock pinocytosos!!! Thanks so much!!! Is there anything eles that was preinstalled on the sd card that I may be missing? There seemed to be some songs that were on it that I don't have anymore either. Thanks again!!!
  5. pinocytosis

    pinocytosis Well-Known Member

    Try this: Gallery, menu button, show/hide albums, and see if you can select the folders where you downloaded your pictures.

    There were some songs too, but I disliked them so much that I didn't back them up, and just deleted them.

    There was also a folder called ".data", which contained some sample trailers: Battle_Los_angeles_Trailer.mp4, Just_Go_with_it_Trailer.mp4, and The_Green_Hornet_Trailer.mp4.
  6. TheConcertKing

    TheConcertKing Well-Known Member

    Nope, they don't show up.
  7. pinocytosis

    pinocytosis Well-Known Member

    you can try rebooting your device to see if it will scan the sd card for new pictures. Alternatively, you can install "Rescan Media" from the play store. it basically triggers 'scan sd card for new pictures', which is supposed to be done upon system start up.

    Beyond this, im out of ideas, so i hope that works.
  8. TheConcertKing

    TheConcertKing Well-Known Member

    Already tried both. Still nothing. I have no idea why the phone hates it's own pictures. I tried emailing them to myself too, they still don't show up in the gallery. The only way I can open them is to use Androzip and open them with the gallery manually one by one.

    Edit: I just decided to throw the microSD card that came with the phone into my computer (I never even used it, went straight to my own memory card), and transferred the Sample folders to my phone and they now show up in the gallery. As well as the ones I saved from my email, which previously did not.
  9. OverByter

    OverByter Resident Slide Rule Guru

    I would backup your card and format it in the phone, sounds like you might have some file system errors.
  10. biggpat86

    biggpat86 Well-Known Member

    i thought the evo 3d was supposed to come preloaded with a 3d movie? or was that just for sprint??
  11. bsoplinger

    bsoplinger Well-Known Member

    As far as I know it was a coupon to get a rebate (or perhaps free with code) if you bought the download of whatever movie it was they were promoting. The offer has since expired.

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