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  1. scanman

    scanman Well-Known Member

    I seem to recall a internet conversation somewhere talking about the fact that the hand writing to text feature is not working on the Sprint SGN2? I can't seem to get it working so this must be the case? If not, can someone tell me how to get the hand writing to text option working? Thanks

  2. Derp Droid

    Derp Droid Member

    Mine works just fine. You can do it on most apps (unless you are entering a Password)
    There is even a setting where when the S-pen is detected it will automatically bring up the handwriting to text box. Its easiest to play around with in the S-note app( for me anyway).
  3. DinoV

    DinoV Active Member

    open up a new S Note. Click on the T towards the top. If you dont see the T, click on the icon at the top left that looks like a paper and pencil.
    Once you click on the T, the keyboard will pop up. press down and hold the icon left of the space bar. a option box will pop up. Click on the T with pencil in the option box, and start writing.

    Hope this helps
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  4. scanman

    scanman Well-Known Member

    All I needed was a little push. Got it thanks!!!
  5. DinoV

    DinoV Active Member

    Your welcome. good luck

    Little tip. to put in a subject, click the pen(drawing mode) than press and hold on the subject box. the box will get highlighted than click the box again and a cursor will appear in the box.
  6. raiderleaf

    raiderleaf Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know if you can "handwrite" text messages and it will translate from cursive to regular text? Also for the S-Pen note taking, if you're taking a note can you alternate between both keyboard text and written text (but having both on the final note at the same time)?

    Please let me know if any of you have time! I think these options would be really cool!
  7. DinoV

    DinoV Active Member

    yes to both. Cursive to text. and hand writing and text on same page.
  8. raiderleaf

    raiderleaf Well-Known Member

    So you can use Cursive writing in SMS and it will auto translate it to typed print?! If so that's crazy!
  9. DinoV

    DinoV Active Member

    yes it works, go crazy. :)
  10. GoodGuyBadBoy

    GoodGuyBadBoy New Member

    Hey guys, quick question if anyone has the answer.

    I would like to write in landscape and have the writing pad on one side or the other not on the bottom but keep the paper in portrait.

    Is this at all possible?

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