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Samsun Epic TV Out CableAccessories

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  1. inoh

    inoh Well-Known Member

    Anyone know of a HDMI or Compenent to micro usb cable to connect the Epic to a HDTV? I know that the Galaxy S series is capable of tv out as that is one of its Selling points.

  2. Droid_Rage

    Droid_Rage Active Member

    I thought this was only capable to connect via DLNA compatible devices? I have older HDTV's so I'm not sure if the newer HDTV's are all DLNA compatible, or only certain brands.
  3. mjben

    mjben Member

    Indeed, annoyed with sprint. :mad: Though, I'm not familiar with other carriers, I know that sprint has been disabling devices for a long time. I just upgraded to an Epic from an original RAZR. I had to hack my RAZR to restore functionality with MPT, and now I find myself hacking my Epic as well.

    The wifi tether would be another good example- sprint wants you to pay them $30/month to use this feature, when you can actually download a free app from the market for unlimited use. The app wont work though unless you flash a new ROM & Kernal.
  4. Matty Mo

    Matty Mo Well-Known Member

    Ive seen video out cords that plug into your 3.5 headphone jack and then on the other end split into the standard yellow red and white plug in cords. I have no idea if this would work but just so you know that there are things out there that you can try. Although i have had one sprint rep tell me it could be done and the other told me it couldnt...
  5. alex94z

    alex94z Active Member

    Maybe this will be enabled on Froyo?
  6. Keybeeetsss

    Keybeeetsss Well-Known Member

    Maybe so or @ som point; there is an option, if u go deep into settings for TV out, but for now it just force closes...
  7. marcs

    marcs Member

    i talked to the rep at Samsung at CES and the micro USB to HDMI is not a real cable for the Galaxy S phones. this cable works for a different phone.

    Also the 3.5MM to RCA will not work for Samsung Epic 4G Sprint turned it off.
  8. m4f1050

    m4f1050 Member


    Do *NOT* buy the EPIC 4G TV Out cable from 1800mobiles.com they claim to be compatible with the EPIC 4G and it's *NOT* compatible and they will not refund all your money afterwards. I paid for both shippings (to me and return shipping) and they partially refunded my money, lost $15 in a 3 cable order.
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