Samsung Acclaim US Cellular 2.2 update

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  1. kmf

    kmf Well-Known Member

    So, if/when the 2.2 update is officially released by US Cellular, how will I install it. I'm a mac user w/BB Desktop Manager for my BB Curve 8530. Does not seem to be such a means for the Samsung Acclaim.

  2. rasmith3530

    rasmith3530 Well-Known Member

    Hmm, it may come off a web site and side load to your SD card, then install from there. That would make the most sense to me.
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  3. mattrh

    mattrh Member

    have they said anything about the release date yet?
  4. kmf

    kmf Well-Known Member

    Thanks. Now we just have to wait for the update.
  5. 2acclaim

    2acclaim Well-Known Member

    i was told it is coming but they haven't released a date yet. Like most companies probably trying to find out how to turn off tethering and a few other nice addons so that they force us to pay for it.

    Shouldn't take too long though since the Acclaim uses a pretty vanilla version of android.
  6. rasmith3530

    rasmith3530 Well-Known Member

    I doubt that blocking tethering would be an issue. US Cellular sells packages for tethering.
  7. casper6344

    casper6344 New Member

    What is in the 2.2 update?
  8. SammyAcclaim

    SammyAcclaim Well-Known Member

    I was in the US Cell store in my area last week and I asked about 2.2 being released basically just wanting to know if and when.

    The rep told me they were looking at sometime in October. He did not give me a specific date.

    Not sure if this was just BS as this wouldn't be the first time a sales rep has lied to me but I am feeling hopeful.

    Casper, this might answer your questions.

    I am excited about native exchange calendar support and the overall speed enhancements as well as the new version of flash that is included in the release. I am excited about flash just because it will expand that amount of streaming video you can recieve on the device.

  9. casper6344

    casper6344 New Member

    Thanks for the info SammyAcclaim....So guess we wait..:/
  10. wheisler6

    wheisler6 New Member

    It's the software update to the new 2.1 system
  11. wheisler6

    wheisler6 New Member

    When I had my Acclaim in at the store. They told me that it would be a open air release. And it should be an automatic update.
  12. steelerfan7p

    steelerfan7p Member

    Thats what they told me too when I bought mine back in August.
  13. dcarhart

    dcarhart Member

    i was at the us cell store this morning, (basically begging to get rid of the the acclaim dog i have and get something better) and I was told to hang on, that the HTC desire running 2.2 was going to be released on Oct. 10th. not sure if this also means a 2.2 update for the acclaim.
  14. jose10439

    jose10439 New Member

    the 2.2 update for the acclaim should b released on October 3rd thats wat i read on the android web page
  15. Impulser

    Impulser Member

    It's October 3rd! I yet to see anything about 2.2 :(. All I know was that they were testing it last month so hopefully soon :)
  16. fatphatboy88

    fatphatboy88 Member

    Talked to a buddy that works at US Cellular. He said that they have a new Samsung Android phone coming out on Oct 27 called the Mesmerize and that it will be running 2.1 also so the 2.2 update will not be before then. And he said it normally takes US Cellular months to release updates that other carriers already have out. He isnt aware of an expected date for 2.2 to come out either.
  17. barefootpoet

    barefootpoet Member

    Ah figures!

    My son's Sprint EVO got updated with 2.2 almost 2 months ago...
  18. hike20

    hike20 New Member

    I just talked to US Cellular Tech Support and was told the Acclaim would NOT be getting the 2.2 update period! I was really pissed as the sales guy who sold me this phone said it would be updated "soon". That was over a month ago.

    I emailed Samsung and they refused to confirm if/when this phone would be updated. In my book, if you aren't even willing to say IF you will update, that pretty much means NO. I replied and told then I would not be buying any more Samsung products if this were the case. I would encourage everyone here to express the same sentiment.
  19. 2acclaim

    2acclaim Well-Known Member

    well I hope that's not the case since I wouldn't have gotten this phone and was told that it will be getting the update.

    Oh well hopefully someone somewhere can give a real response since it wouldn't be the first time a CSR person gave out bad information.
  20. Snarky30

    Snarky30 Member

    I work for USC as a service tech and the Acclaim WILL be getting 2.2. As far as a timeframe, all we've been told is before the end of the year but it will be compatible with the Acclaim.

    I don't think it will be an over the air update as USC doesn't do that, so it will most likely be a download off of our website or you can go into a service center to have it done.

    If I here a more concrete date, I will definitely post it here right away.
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  21. rasmith3530

    rasmith3530 Well-Known Member

    I believe that, as of the present, the Evo 4G is the only US Android that has seen an official upgrade to Froyo. I've heard that Google is having some issues with it and therefore has pushed back 2.2 US release. The latest I heard (unofficially) was middle/late November.
  22. Cmeyer

    Cmeyer Member

    From USCC's facebook page

    Froyo is on its way!!! We are working diligently to bring you Froyo (Android 2.2) releases for both the Samsung Acclaim and the HTC Desire before the end of the year and, hopefully, in November. Samsung and HTC have not yet released the 2.2 updates to us, but that is expected shortly. We are committed to testing and releasing the software ASAP. Stay tuned for more details in a few weeks
  23. kenzieraye88

    kenzieraye88 New Member

    2.2 update is coming very soon, I promise. And as mentioned earlier, the Acclaim will be able to be updated, you just have to take it to your local corporate store with a repair center and they will get you fixed up :)
  24. cwill0303

    cwill0303 Well-Known Member

    How can you promise? Whats your source?
  25. lilrodney

    lilrodney New Member

    When is it going to be released I'm thinking of tethering my fone 4 update

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