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Samsung Account Update - AT&TGeneral

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  1. NYYFan

    NYYFan Well-Known Member

    So I was just reading some stuff on Flipboard before and got prompted out of nowhere about a Samsung account update, anyone else get this? Possible JB precursor?

  2. Heisenberg123

    Heisenberg123 Well-Known Member

    i got that weeks ago so I dont think its related to JB
  3. Krunk83

    Krunk83 Well-Known Member

    This will tell you when JB will be out.
  4. doboy

    doboy Well-Known Member

    I started getting the notification last week on my TMo S3. I keep hitting no and it keeps coming back every few days.
  5. GTWalling

    GTWalling Well-Known Member

    I read, can't remember where, that this update is to get the phone ready for JB. Was stated it was need for the OTA push.

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