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  1. voo7hees

    voo7hees New Member

    My Galaxy - according to 'settings ' Samsung Account account ' stopped syncing with the same error message ' experiencing problems ' etc on the 01 January and the Contacts stopped syncing on the 21st Dec

    My son who bought a Tab just before i did has said his has done the same.

    One repercussion of this i think (i may be wrong) is that VIDEOHUB now doesn't work , it just tries to load and stops , I downloaded Two movies from the VideoHub store as well , can't access them and also I think I can't access any file on my Tab which isn't on my Ext Microcard.

    Any help please would be appreciated

  2. jap11scot

    jap11scot Member

    I have the same problem and created a similar thread - no help as yet

    Surely some experienced member can offer advice?

    I am a 'fresh-fish' regarding Android so am really 'out of my depth' - so to speak

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