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  1. dbvirago

    dbvirago Well-Known Member

    Just got this for my boss and setting up. I'm a long time Android user, but this is my first Samsung device. One of the first things it asks is to set up a Samsung account. What does this do for me? Also it is asking for an email account and password. What email account - is it a Samsung email account?

    She will be using this almost entirely for email and maybe web browsing. I have set up her business email account and she has no other. Any apps I get will likely come from the Google store as I am familiar with it.

    So, what does the Samsung account do, and what is the email it wants you to use?

    Also, for a complete novice, do you have any suggestions. I have removed all widgets from the home page except weather and email.

    On a side note - wish I had seen this before I bought my Nook.

  2. AJP007

    AJP007 Member

    The Samsung Account is for buying Apps and keeping your Tab2 updated with future Firmware changes, it is an essntial part of your Samsung Devices.!
    It is also responsible for making your back-ups and Sync your Contacts, Mail, Apps and everything else you have on your I would recommend you set it up...Yes
    It it not in that sense an eMail Account its more a General Support Account.
    You will also be asked to set-up a Google Account this will come with an eMail...( ) Account if you want to use it at all.
  3. Bosbouer

    Bosbouer Well-Known Member

    I would suggest that you remove the extra home screens as well(the blank ones obviously)

    The email associated with the Samsung account should be the one most frequently used by the Boss as that would be where alerts regarding security setups and possible locked passwords woulds go

  4. dbvirago

    dbvirago Well-Known Member

    Got it. Thanks. I misunderstood and thought it was asking for an email address and the passwords to that email address - didn't make sense. Good tip on removing the blank home screens - I can just hear the call, "My screen is blank."
  5. dbvirago

    dbvirago Well-Known Member

    Just had something odd on her email account. All of her computers/devices, leave a copy of the email on the server except one. She had received several emails on the Tab this morning. When she came in and checked her main computer, it removes the emails from the server. At that point, the emails on the tab also disappeared. I don't see any setting to turn off syncing. Is this normal for the native app? If so, I'll be downloading K9 before I turn it loose.
  6. AJP007

    AJP007 Member

    Yes..this is normal, if you delete an eMail from one Device, be it PC or S3 phone or whatever it will get deleted on your Tab as well..when after deleting on your PC you open up your Tab it will show for a few seconds and then get deleted.!
  7. dbvirago

    dbvirago Well-Known Member

    Is that a Samsung thing? It doesn't work that way on my Android devices. This may be a good thing for her as it will keep her inbox clean, but it's going to take some getting used to.
  8. Bosbouer

    Bosbouer Well-Known Member

    Not sure how you have set your e-mail up. My setup is my PC on pop3 with server set to delete e-mail when deleted from the PC and keep for 14 days on server if not deleted. On my laptop, Blackberry and Tablet I use IMAP(my SP provides both services)
    This allows me to read and answer from any portable device without deleting from the server. on all 3 portable devices I bcc myself. so any emails sent also land up on my PC.
    Anything you delete in the IMAP setup is however deleted from the server.
    If you use MS Exchange Server then you can setup as you prefer it.
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