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Samsung Admire 4G compared to the LG Motion4G

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  1. AppleUser

    AppleUser Well-Known Member

    Just saw that MetroPCS is offering the Samsung Admire 4G for $170.

    How does the Admire 4G contrast and compare to the Motion 4G ?

    (Does this inquiry belong in another Forum here ?)

  2. the admire 4g has a 1ghz single core processor that is garbage by today's standards .a little over 1gb storage thats pretty horrible 2. spec wise the motion beats its --- but the new admire is a lot prettier imo and it has gb i know you like gb . i like the ics os better but thats me

    Motion 4G K.O. to admire 1st sec of the first round but hey look how pretty the admire lays there.

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