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Samsung Admire Cannot Connect To Camera ErrorSupport

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  1. DepressedSoul

    DepressedSoul New Member

    Hey guys im new to this website so please go easy on me if i made any mistakes with this posting. i just seriously am on edge about my samsung admire i recently bought not too long ago. the camera worked perfectly up untill last night when it decided to hit me with the " Cannot connect to camera " error :( i really need a fix to this or any help would be MUCH appreciated. i love this phone to death, everything else works perfect, non rooted, everything is great, except for my camera app never wanting to open. it also vibrates once, then a short pause, then vibrates two more times before officially ending its crashing cycle. PLEASE tell me what i can do to repair this without getting a new phone. i have no money for that. ;(

  2. qandres12

    qandres12 Well-Known Member

    have you tried going into the app management and clearing the data for the camera and then restarting your phone. best advice i could give you since ive never experience this error or heard of anything with it
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  3. DepressedSoul

    DepressedSoul New Member

    Yes I have, multiple times. I am just saddend that this is happening :/ and after searching around it seems pretty common but I have yet to find a solution :/.
  4. You can download the 2.3.6 update and try that. ..

    You can find the Update here: http://www.samsung.com/us/support/owners/product/SCH-R720ZAAMTR (GO TO SUPPORT> DOWNLOADS, Upgrade (Software) (ver.FF18))

    other wise, you gotta root your phone and flash a different ROM...

    Sent from my Samsung Admire Running P.U.T.U 2.2
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  5. DepressedSoul

    DepressedSoul New Member

    Oh ok ill try updating it and see where that takes me. But lets say if I root, would I be.able to downgrade back to my original 2.3.4? And thank you both for your time, I appreciate it.
  6. DepressedSoul

    DepressedSoul New Member

    Hey guys, just an update. I ended up installing antivirus and it found a security threat on my sd card, then I cleared data/cache on camera app and then I factory resetted my phone and...of course.....IT WORKS! idk how but somewhere along the lines it.started working and I have reason to believe it was because of a virus so to all of those who came across this error I would suggest scanning for a virus!
  7. ImJoJo82

    ImJoJo82 Member

    Hey I have the same exact problem...Samsung would not repair it because according to them it has liquid damage. (Which voids my warranty) My phone is dryer than the desert. Never spilled a single drop of water. Can you please tell me the AntiVirus app you used. Much Appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  8. tattoowood13

    tattoowood13 Member

    I use avast and it does not detect any security threats on my phone or sd card and my camera has been out for a month or so... Tried all kinds of roms and data wipes on the app and bkah blah blah... Even after the 2.3.6. Update on stock unrooted it didnt work. May be time to send it to the old smartphone graveyard

    Sent from my SCH-R720 using Tapatalk 2
  9. ImJoJo82

    ImJoJo82 Member

    Same here, I tried everything and got nothing but a great phone with a F'ed up camera..RIP Samsung Admire :musicus:
  10. Eyes

    Eyes New Member

    Hi there,

    To diagnose and or fix the cannot connect issue, you will need to disassemble your phone and check the connection for the camera module. After searching the web for an answer (most of which say buy a new phone) I did this and it was a disconnected cable. It took 10 minutes and the issue is solved!

  11. Orang3Mango

    Orang3Mango Member

    So I watched this video
    Samsung Admire Disassembly Metro Pcs - YouTube
    What part is the camera module? Please explain, I've never had this problem but my friend has had it since I've known her, we both have this phone and I'd like to fix her phone and maybe know how to fix mine if this happens to me.
  12. Hosefaann

    Hosefaann New Member

    So I had the same exact problem and tried the disassembly thing, which didn't do anything. But I did go into my settings to manage apps, (make sure you take out the sd card just in case), cleared the cache for the camera, the device manager, and the gallery... And voila, problem solved. My gallery and camera had also been running very slow before the camera crashed so I'm sure it's all connected. Hope this helps, since it's easier than having to take your phone apart or download anything ;)
  13. MadDeveloper

    MadDeveloper Well-Known Member

    Did you try using CM security?

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