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  1. Rome407

    Rome407 Member

    Alright, I've recently updated my Samsung Admire to
    " MetroPCS_R720_Admire_simple_upgrade_tool_FF18.exe "
    and everything works fine, App Market(with WiFi support). BUT my MMS nor Data / Internet is working, Whenever I go to
    " Settings > About Phone > Status > Mobile network state = Disconnected. "
    If anyone can tell me the problem to fix my internet without having to get the support of WiFi, I would appreciate it A LOT. At the moment, I'm not too concern with MMS just my Data service.

    - Not very experienced with phone programming, Rather step by step assistance.

    I also have firmware 2.3.6

  2. Rome407

    Rome407 Member

  3. qandres12

    qandres12 Well-Known Member

    i had the exact same problem but it came from doing something else. i had the disconnected thing and it wouldnt change and i called customer service and they said it would take about a week for them to get it straighten out. anyways long story short, i wasnt waiting a week so on a hunch i tried this and it work. i got my network back. follow it word for word

    1- Download QPST (Free Software, Click Here)

    2- Get your own SPC Number Click Here & Enter Your MEID. That will be your key to unlock the phone and your password. Your MEID could be found at Settings->About Phone->Status ... it's all numbers

    3- Got to Start-->All Programs-->QPST-->QPST Configuration.

    4- Select your phone from the list (the phone should be in Debug Mode).

    5- If you don't see your phone Click on "Add New Port" uncheck "Show Serial ....blablabla" and select the port and add it.

    6- With your phone selected go to Start Clients-->Service Programing. Select the phone and click OK.

    7- If a dialog came up telling you to retry click on retry.

    8- Click on "Read from Phone" you will be asked for your SPC number to unlock the phone and get its information.


    9- Go to M.IP tab and select profile 0 and edit your user name remove the "aaak." just for the first row.

    10- Go to PPP Config-->Um change the user name (Your and insert your SPC as the password

    11- Go to PPP Config-->An change the user name (Your and insert your SPC as the password

    12- M.IP tab change the mobile ip behavior to: simple IP only (thanks to oscarher4)

    Write to Phone (the phone should restart by itself)
    after this is done and if you get back the data then you can undone it and youll still keep the data. thats what i did
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  4. Rome407

    Rome407 Member

    I can never get past step 4-5, because my phone doesn't detect and I don't know how to find my port.

    I'm in USB debugging mode.

    What I see on my screen.


  5. Rome407

    Rome407 Member

    EDIT: I've searched around figured out the port thing, but I want to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Finally gotten back my Data network after that manual guide you gave me, thank you a lot. It also fixed my MMS 2 in one, amazing!
  6. qandres12

    qandres12 Well-Known Member

    you are welcome mate. lol i laugh at how metro said it would take 1 week to fix this issue for me and i fixed it in a few mins. btw this is also the way to get faster 3G speeds and if the spees are slower you can always undo them ;) and youll still have your network intact
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