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  1. djfrankn

    djfrankn Member

    HI everyone. I have one this Samsung Admire SCH-R720 for almost 2 months and it has been working great. Yesterday my wife noticed it was making a beep noise "on-off" like. It happened while it was unplugged on my counter. Then when I connected it to the charger it stopped making the "on-off"sound. This morning when I turned on It made the noise once and then the screen show that particular message like a little battery symbol on the right corner of the screen being charged. Any ideas about what can fix the problem? And, can anyone tell me how to do a hard reset to my phone?. Thanks in advance!

  2. fonzi1289

    fonzi1289 Active Member

    No clue. U r the second to post this.

    But hard reset is turn phone off, then hold vol. down, back, and power buttons till the screen comes on. U will then be in recovery mode. Navigate with the Volume down button to clear cache user data and press the home button to confirm. It will be set back o how u got it. Just make sure u back up any apps and such before u do it.
  3. crono209

    crono209 Well-Known Member

    Ok now I'm sure it is the phone. I have 2 Samsung admires n both phones are now having the same problem. Both phones were purchased the same day but 1 started acting up 1 month b4 the other... would warranty cover this?
  4. crono209

    crono209 Well-Known Member

    Tried all that still the same. its the area where u connect the charger on the phone. I used a toothpick to poke that area n it seemed make it stop charging but goes back to charging when I stop. as if something inside the phones chip is touching with something to make of think that its plugin.
  5. det1726

    det1726 Well-Known Member

    This happened to me once. I powered off the phone then pulled the battery and used my screen cloth to wipe it and the battery compartment down then put it back in turned the phone on and have not had this issue again.
  6. champions

    champions Member

    Not a fix, but the workaround I am using is to rename the sound Charger_Connection.ogg to Charger_Connection.og.

    Phone still thinks it is charging every now and then, but at least it keeps it to itself. lol

    File is located in /system/media/audio/ui

    You will need to mount it r/w to rename
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  7. sarenaty

    sarenaty New Member

    Good luck returning it if you have metropcs. I have same problem, took it in today & was told that I had to come back tomorrow to speak to the manager. If the manager okays a replacement, it will take 7 days. 7 days without a phone and this new phone will not turn on after ther clerk at metro removed the battery.
  8. Tokenpoke

    Tokenpoke Well-Known Member

    It seems like the USB Jack ion the phone is loose or otherwise broken/ has a pin crissing.

    As for returning anything to metro, this is the exact reason I have a Motorola razr (as in 2002 pimpin) and a zte flip phone I keep in a drawer.
    If one of my androids poops out on me I just dial *228 and switch phones.
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  9. Liscab

    Liscab Active Member

    a friend has the same problem as the OP, the phone says to be connected to the charger but not receiving, definitely it has to be a factory problem with this model

    ETA....... i recheck the phone it does that when the charge is under 35 percent
  10. gyclark

    gyclark Member

    My phone started doing this yesterday.. I have to charge it all day because it seems that the battery drains faster then normal now. Would I be able to get a new one by going to metro? If So, would I have to reflash back to 2.3.4 with the stock apps reinstalled to do this?
  11. Notadmiring

    Notadmiring Well-Known Member

    Me too. Have mine duck taped to a kitchen cabinet door at present. It fits just inside the handle, tight enough to be still. I managed to rig the charging cord to the phone and the cabinet door, and duck tape so that I hope it is still charging. Took me 2 hrs. to configure the cord and tape so that it would work. Very afraid it has quit charging now that I am not standing there staring at it. But if I touch the phone to find out, I know it is all over. Another two hours of that and I will likely end up placing it in front of one of my car tires. I am now hoping that when I take it to metro tomorrow that it can turn on. I will be so angry if my metro backup crapped out (my roommate's crapped out when her admire bit the dust less than a week after purchasing it - she lost over 500 phone numbers, as well as pictures; no backup). I agree with the comment about the USB jack loose or pins messed up. Whatever it is, I am not a happy camper. Is Metro admitting to this problem? If I have to go over there and fight with them only to end up having to buy a new phone anyway, I will just switch to another cell company. Anyone have any luck?
  12. iNF357ed

    iNF357ed New Member

    My problem started off as that. I thought the charge port was dirty so I used alcohol with a Q-Tip and it seemed to fix it for a little while. Now I'm having a bigger problem and I have searched everywhere for a solution. My phone now will try to start then restarts. It doesn't even get past the Mfg and model screen. I don't know if the issue extends off from this problem but any advice would be great. I will check on forum every few minutes.

    I'm not gonna give up ! ! :D
  13. Notadmiring

    Notadmiring Well-Known Member

    Mine did that when it was charging enough to only get 0 to 1%
  14. Gently Take Your Nail And Push The Charger Peice Inside The Phone Up. I Did It ANd My Problem Went Awayyyyy...:)*
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  15. asub

    asub New Member

    I got my phone on Black Friday, it started doing this about a month ago. My boyfriend got his Admire 2 months ago and it started having this problem a week after mine, and my sister also has the same phone, it's doing the same thing. I would think this would be something we could take to Samsung because it's obviously a defect with this phone?
  16. Notadmiring

    Notadmiring Well-Known Member

    You'd think. The one they gave me to replace my first one w/ this problem also has the exact same problem. So I must've gotten a refurb that couldn't be refurbed bc this phone is just a problem child. Going thru chargers like candy. They don't appreciate the gymnastics required of them in order to complete a circuit and potentially allow the phone to actually charge for a bit.
  17. veggiegrrrl

    veggiegrrrl Active Member

    same problem. charging, not charging, showing 0%, turning itself on and off, driving me crazy. this is the REPLACEMENT for the FIRST metropcs phone that had the exact same problem. will a hard reset delete contacts and pictures?
  18. Notadmiring

    Notadmiring Well-Known Member

  19. i have the same problem, ****ing horrible
  20. veggiegrrrl

    veggiegrrrl Active Member

    ...all of us with the same issue and the fine folks at METROPCS continue to sell this phone and will not exchange for a different model. Scoundrels!
    utterly disappointing. right now, i need advice on a new car charger for the admire. brands? the wall charger looks appealing (from ebay/chinese crap) but reliability is iffy on the ebay stuff. suggestions for a well made admire wall dock?
  21. TBTE

    TBTE Well-Known Member

    What is a wall dock?
  22. There is somethinggggggggg called ""
  23. TBTE

    TBTE Well-Known Member

    Never heard of it. It must be REALLY stupid. Like seriously who wants to have all the earth's knowledge on one site that searches the whole wide world.

    That's stupid.
  24. WeekiAj

    WeekiAj Active Member

    it's a known issues for these phones CORPORATE Metro stores will replace it on spot - i see alot of them an forward the people to a corporate store
  25. Notadmiring

    Notadmiring Well-Known Member

    I wish I'd just bought a new model. My refurb replacement that I had to pay $11 for I think? (after a 3 day waiting period) is just awful. Same charging problems, overheats till the phone is too hot to touch, is always way off on the % of available battery, blows out chargers constantly, etc etc. Before you exchange yours, consider saving yourself the grief.

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