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  1. sdkfreak321

    sdkfreak321 Active Member

    I will be updating info. on the prl's.

  2. sdkfreak321

    sdkfreak321 Active Member

    UPDATE:Now there is a prl 03025. Dial *228 and press five for this latest prl.
  3. fonzi1289

    fonzi1289 Active Member

    U should test and post the speeds on each of the prls. Thanks

    I just wanna know if 3022 is faster for u as well.
  4. tsm

    tsm Member

    hello im a driod metro user from the northern eastern part of texas, about 60 miles from dallas, all the speeds accroding to test my speed app
    prl 3026 i am recieveing 12.9kb/s dl and 22.4kb/s upload
    prl 3022 i am recieveing 5.1kb/s dl and 23.8 upload
    prl 3020 i am recieveing 9.8kb/s dl and 18.5kb/s upload
    ALSO im trying to grab up all the prl downloads i can get for my comp so if anyone has a link for any of them id b greatfull :D, and ill post speeds
  5. chowland

    chowland New Member

    I'm in Worcester Ma and just got the prl 3026, and I'm getting:
    86 kb/s dl and 139 kb/s upload using the app from the market.

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