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  1. Aerimus

    Aerimus Well-Known Member

    Has anyone tried using Samsung Allshare on the Captivate? I've read some about it and it seems like airvideo on the iphone. Sounds like it allows you to play media files stored on your PC, with your phone.

    Anyone tried it out yet?

  2. keredini

    keredini Well-Known Member

    Just tried this. Was surprised to see that it found a server running Orb on my network. I could browse my files, but everything I tried to play gave me an error of "unsupported format". I tried MP3 and divx files.
  3. DaMajorPayne

    DaMajorPayne Active Member

    yeah same for me the only thing i could do is download the files to the phone
  4. Loco Leeep

    Loco Leeep Well-Known Member

    How did you do that?
    My files showed up in an akward list. When I tried playing audio files, I was told they were an unsupported format.
    Video files made my media sharing stop on my desktop.
    I checked my firewall and media sharing settings.
    I don't see anything wrong there.
  5. Sharkonwheels

    Sharkonwheels Well-Known Member

    Works great with my Samsung 50" PN50B650 plamsa TV.

  6. Busaboi

    Busaboi Member

    Is this Samsungs DLNA implementation?
  7. DaMajorPayne

    DaMajorPayne Active Member

    i had my media share setup with windows media player. I could see the files but they would not play, but if i highlight he files and hit the menu button u can download files to your phone
  8. t-readyroc

    t-readyroc Well-Known Member

  9. thoney

    thoney New Member

    Has anyone had problems detecting network devices with the AllShare app.
    I have Samsung Captivate and successfully connecting to home router for internet. Phone has an IP address and I can even ping the phone IP from my laptop. In the AllShare settings Access point shows connection. For Media Server name I tried computer name and IP address of Laptop. I created a share in root (ex.) c:\samsung -- and put some .mp3 files in the shared folder. Gave full share permissions, added everyone group in NTFS permissions with all permission checked. AllShare still want detect any devices on the network. Even did the same with a desktop. Desktop and Laptop can see each other and share in Network. Anyone have any suggestions? I would appreciate it.

  10. jabooh1

    jabooh1 Well-Known Member

    I am also having issues with this. I can't get my phone to see my laptop (running samsungs PC File software) or my samsung BD-C550 BlueRay Player or UN46B700 TV. Any comments?
  11. Dennis_Bham

    Dennis_Bham Well-Known Member

    Works great with my Win 7 x64 machine. I can play multimedia files off the Win 7 PC, and I can play multimedia from the phone to to Win 7 PC ... including 720p video files.
  12. Tobal

    Tobal Member

    I can play MP3's, haven't tried videos
  13. Infinite-t

    Infinite-t Well-Known Member

    I have a NAS set up with a TON of video and music files on it and i would LOVE to be able to stream video from my NAS to my phone. I have tries every format I can think of and they all have the same result, "Sorry, this video cannot be played". Anyone have any success streaming a video from a computer or NAS to their phone, and if so, what type of format?
  14. delta45

    delta45 Member

    Works perfectly with my UN46B8000 - as long as the TV is turned on, I can show/play media from my Captivate onto the TV. For bigger files (i.e. video), it takes a couple of seconds before it plays, likely due to buffering.

    It seems to interrupt any other programs when you do this, though, without any prompts on the TV.
  15. CaCHooKa Man

    CaCHooKa Man Well-Known Member

    i tried it at my friends house who has a ps3 and it worked fine. the video stuttered a bit though. mp3s and pictures didnt have a problem loading. i havent tried it with my xbox 360 or anything yet. i have an orb server on my PC and i also have media sharing enabled but the phone doesnt see it when im connected to wifi.
  16. Loco Leeep

    Loco Leeep Well-Known Member

    I've tried everything, no luck streaming to or from my phone with a Windows XP desktop or an XBOX 360.
    Very frustrating.
    A friend has a Samsung HDTV with Allshare, I'm going to try that.
  17. t-readyroc

    t-readyroc Well-Known Member

    I'm also having issues getting my DirecTV box to show content from the phone. The box can see the phone, & vice versa, but the box won't show phone content, & the phone shows the box content, but won't play it.
  18. maerlim

    maerlim Well-Known Member

    I played a little bit with AllShare last night. My test videos were a few movies I had copied from DVD and some movies I took with the video recorder in the Captivate. My target was a Samsung LCD TV I just bought, verified to be this year's model.

    I was able to stream the DVD's from the Captivate to the TV perfectly. Let me tell you how cool it was to watch Star Wars from my phone on a 46" TV.

    I was NOT able to stream videos I'd taken with the Captivate's video recorder. The TV told me it couldn't play the audio codec. I have an email into Samsung's help desk about that one. Seems pretty ridiculous. Tonight I'll try to stream those same videos to my PC and see what happens.
  19. maerlim

    maerlim Well-Known Member

    By the way, one of the marketing points of this phone was the ability to use it as a remote for a Samsung branded TV. Anybody know the app for that?
  20. Aerimus

    Aerimus Well-Known Member

    I've been using Allshare every night to watch movies and TV shows I've downloaded. There are some videos that won't work, and I haven't been able to figure out any rhyme or reason to this? I double checked and every video I was using was an .avi file, but most work, and some don't.

    Another thing is that I downloaded a new season of a show and it wouldn't even show up through allshare. It's almost like you have to force it to recognize it somehow, and I haven't figured this out. I could even find the files through Astro, but they wouldn't show up in Allshare.

    Long story short is that it's been working great for me...when it works. AirVideo on the iPhone was MUCH MUCH better, and still remains my favorite app I've used on either Android or iOS.
  21. ewingr

    ewingr Well-Known Member

    I've piddled with it some, mostly music. It is working on all 3 alternatives in Allshare. Did one video from my phone to a pc.

    My main interest would be to control music from my HTPC, and have a 'remote control' so to speak for my music.

    One problem I have (hoping I just haven't figure it out) for example, if I select a genre for music, then select an album, etc, I cannot add anything to the play list until I get all the way down the tree to the individual song list. Then I have to select them one by one. That is about worthless.

    I'ave searched for other programs to do this last night, and what I've found so far is worse than Allshare.

    Anyone know if it's possible to select an album, or genre, and just add it to the now playing list and get it to play?
  22. Wilbecker

    Wilbecker New Member

    I have a iomega nas at home. I can stream the m4v movies and tv shows fine. Almost all my music is mp3 with a few aac files and so far Thise work fine. Although I prefer to use songbird for moving music to my captivate.
  23. c2k

    c2k Well-Known Member

    When I try to use allshare to view files on my phone from my computer, it recognizes my computer (win7 x32) but wont show any files. Is there a specific folder they need to be in? Also, would setting up a virtual server help?

    I tried playing multiple pictures/video/audio from my phone to my laptop while windows media player is open, it would get all the way to the screen where it appears to be loading it to my computer, but then does nothing, and if I press the play/pause button, it just says "unable to play", is that common?

    Also, can you use allshare to stream video from your home computer to your laptop without being on your home network? Or is that some other program entirely?
  24. Aerimus

    Aerimus Well-Known Member

    Media Streaming with Windows 7 - Engineering Windows 7 - Site Home - MSDN Blogs

    This guide will help you set it up on windows 7. Works great, I use it all the time.

    I had a thread started with these instructions in it...but it seems to have disappeared... I cant' find it in my posts at all now.

    The key is to set up sharing in windows media player with all devices on your network. It's part of the new homegroup that was introduced with windows 7.
  25. naxir

    naxir Well-Known Member

    II have a file sever running windows xp which is also connected to my tv so that I can watchtv shows/movies. Can I simply make that computer play media with all share? Or is it only designed to stream from one source to another? I use vnc from my phone but it's a pain because of the high resolution the tv is at.

    alternately, I used to use a logitech app on my iphone that basically made my phone into a touch pad for the computer and worked over wifi. Are there any similar apps for android? I've tried some stuff that worked over vnc, but they didn't really do what I wanted.i.e.they would still show the tv screen on my phone and would lag because it was trying to refresh that.

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