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Samsung Apps app not updating.Support

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  1. ScottyH

    ScottyH New Member

    Hoping someone might be able to help me with an issue I have been experiencing for the last few days.

    I get the following message "Samsung Apps update available. Update? Several features of Samsung Apps will be upgrades"

    I press ok and then it starts an update and then stops immediately without updating. It does this each time I select it.

    I have have installation enabled from unknown sources.


  2. suprodan

    suprodan Member

    I just got the same problem..... I uninstalled all previous updates (samsung started working with the original version and made all updates again) and then came to the same problem again....

    Does anyone knows how to solve it???

  3. ScottyH

    ScottyH New Member

    Well I just went and did a factory reset. Went to try and update again then I got "Installation error. Tray again later."

    An now back to where I was.

    Will try factory reset a couple more times, then I'll bide my time and get a HTC. Loved my Gal S up to this point
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  4. suprodan

    suprodan Member

    Presume it is not a problem of the software (android) but it's a problem on the SamsungApps program, since I also made a hard reset last week, and got other updates on Samsung Apps, and just with this one I am getting this problem.....
    Hope they realize and solve it somehow....


  5. doverise

    doverise New Member

    I have got this new phone for just 2 days and I come to the same problem. whenever I run Samsung Apps, the update message keeps popping up preventing me using it.
  6. ScottyH

    ScottyH New Member

    Well I got onto the samsung site asked the question again after the faile factory reset and they told me to take it to a store to get it sent back to the factory. Oh and they also added that rooting it would void my warranty, rooting it the only solutions I've read about that work.

    Not the answer I was after. I'll just keep trying it every so often. It's just a shame got a couple of aps I liked from there for free now I'll just stick to The play Store.

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  7. suprodan

    suprodan Member

    That's what I said. I don't think that they will change anything and in MY opinion is a software problem....
  8. dumindaxsb

    dumindaxsb New Member

    I think I got solved.

    I got a Galaxy Note 10.1 yesterday and same happened. Think it's a bug in the app that causing the update progress to reset when screen turn off.

    So I set screen to go off in 30 minutes instead of 30 seconds. Then the gray line below it filled in blue (progress bar) and after 5 minutes (slow internet connection), I got a brand new, modern looking app ;)

    Hope this will help you guys. :)

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