Samsung Behold2 source code

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  1. tv79

    tv79 New Member


    I'm pretty new to this forum and have very little knowledge on android. Just was going thro the forums and found that there is no more updates to this phone and many people abandoned the phone due to lack of support/source code..

    I found something online at which has some src code. (Not that its intelligble to me.)

    This might be something u knew years ago as well. Just thought of posting incase ppl didn't know it...

    Sorry if it is a repost....


  2. happydadof4

    happydadof4 Member

    Hi TV79, thanks for posting it. Unfortunately, the source they provide doesn't include all the needed drivers, as I understand, so its not enough to compile into a working ROM. BHMan and others have obtained the full source to some of the older, pre-released source but that's about it as far as I know.

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