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Samsung Captivate crash or brick?

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  1. MarioCaptivate

    MarioCaptivate New Member

    I just purchased a Samsung Captivate, I unboxed it today and got everything up and running. While installing I had a problem, the first few apps I loaded on went smooth. I added Facebook, Twitter, LastPass, Prey and I updated Google Maps all with no problem. I then attempted to install Shazam and before the installation could complete there was an error message which I did not have time to write down before the device power cycled. Immediately after the device rebooted all the AT&T splash screen loaded and then the screen went blank for a few seconds and then unfortunatly that cycle repeated splash screen then black. The battery was not fully charged however I did not get a low battery indicator however I did place the phone on the charger until it said 100% on the green battery that comes on the screen. I once again attempted to bootup to the same screen/reboot process. So I did some research of my own and figured out how to load the Samsung Recovery Utils so I held both the up and down buttons and pressed power voila system recovery I think I'm on the right track. Having just gotten the phone and only loading one contact into it so far I determine that I should delete all user data. I attempted this and wiped the device followed by a reboot. Upon powering back up the same screen/reboot process begins again. What can I do to reload the entire OS? I do have a 4 GB microsd card. Is there an update.zip I can use to reset this back to where I started or should I return the device and suffer anotherweek without my droid[​IMG] please help

  2. opiespank

    opiespank New Member

    I am pretty sure you can not brick the Captivate. To reload the phone back to its original state you can use the Odin 1 step loader, this will bring it back to its default state. Just go to the forum.xda-developers captivate forums for information on how to do that.

    Others in this forum might have other suggestions. Also posting in the Captivate forum might get some better responses also.
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  3. MarioCaptivate

    MarioCaptivate New Member

    will do thank you.
  4. zack070789

    zack070789 New Member

    hey i had a similar issue with my rooted captivate. my would stay on the Galaxy S sceen then just turn black, I uses system recovery... delete cache, delete all user data, then install packets. Installing packets did nothing so i contuined to reboot the phone. this then allowed me to get my home to the OS, after unlocking the phone I was over whelmed with Force Closes, one after another. if you can get you phone this far.. not sure if you can since we somewhat had different issues I can futher help you with a complete restore with isnt that tricky

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