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Samsung Captivate Glide questions!!General

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  1. NguyenAdam

    NguyenAdam New Member

    I'm thinking about trading in my BlackBerry 9900 for the new Samsung Captivate Glide. I have one important question though... Will this android phone be able to watch live streams? When I try to go on my BlackBerry and watch livestreams they do not work. It was quite disappointing. Teamliquid.net is my main source of watching streams and the BlackBerry does not support it. Any of you with this device that would be willing to try it out for me? Thanks

  2. rafeee2

    rafeee2 New Member

    Most - if not all - of Android phones will watch live streams. That's because the browser supports flash. I don't own a Glide (yet) but I've dealt with many Android phones.
  3. mjrei

    mjrei New Member

    I do own the Glide and I've watched several live streams so far... Not only does it but it seems to do it with ease. Guessing that's the dual core and 1gb of ram at work (which frankly would apply to most of the newer, higher end phones). The Glide is the best all around phone I've ever owned! Typing on it right now actually.
  4. Xorinth

    Xorinth New Member

    I had a Blackberry Torch 9800 & switched to the SCG, & one of the selling points for me was the fact that SCG can access Adobe Flash, allows live streams, & I still have a qwerty physical keyboard. (It's why I chose the SCG over the iPhone5.)
  5. redbandit71

    redbandit71 New Member

    I had this phone for almost 3 weeks. I upgraded from the Blackberry Torch to this. My problem at the moment with this phone is getting on a public wifi hotspot at restaurant or bookstore. The phone recognizes the wifi, but seems to bypass the location's wifi homepage where you would click on to accept their terms and so on. I don't know how to get the phone to go back to that screen so it will actually run on that network.
  6. TVCCS

    TVCCS Well-Known Member

    As an FYI...I had to re-install Flash after doing the ICS update...it's no longer officially supported, but the phone handles Adobe Flash Player 11.1 just fine.

    For those that might need it...here's a thread with a link to download the latest Flash update:

  7. chief_fm

    chief_fm New Member

    in general; it supports live streaming! I always watch live TV on it

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