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  1. morkhest

    morkhest Member

    So i was trying to root my phone with gingerbread 2.3.5 on odin i followed the whole instruction thing(put the phone on download mode etc) when i was in the pda part of the instructions and clicked start it failed, now the phone says: Firmware upgrade encountered an issue. Please select recovery mode in kies & try again. Now i follow the instructions a 100% im sure, i downloaded the files that were posted on the Guide so i don't know what the hell just happened, i does not want to go on download mode again, so i guest ill be needing a jig? Any helps on how to fix this with jig or no jig or anyway possible ill thank you forever, please. :(

  2. viiron

    viiron Active Member

    You'll need to do the following:

    1) Download this version of gingerbread KK4: One click file hosting: i897uckk4 Odin One Click - Stock, CONTAINS Bootloaders, Re-partition, Full

    2) Unzip file and start the .exe (it needs to be open before you connect your phone in download mode)

    3) Put your phone into download mode using one of the methods in the following list. (I would choose #4 .. it's what I find the simplest) but choose whatever one works for you.

    Putting the Phone into Download Mode - Samsung Captivate Wiki

    4) Start program and let the magic happen. You should have a fully working GB 2.3.5 KK4 installed and running.
  3. morkhest

    morkhest Member

    One question, i have the jig but is not going into download mode, it could be that the battery was really low if i remember, so in that case i need new battery or can i still charge my battery? My fiancee has another version of the Galaxy s will that battery work too?
  4. morkhest

    morkhest Member

    nevermind i got it working, thanks!!

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