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Samsung Captivate Multi Sync Options (Browse All)

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  1. lowtaren

    lowtaren New Member This Topic's Starter

    Jul 23, 2010
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    Hi All

    I've been looking around this forum to try to answer some pre purchase questions regarding the Captivate's synchronization options.

    Will the Samsung Captivate maintain separate Calendars/Contacts if the following accounts are all synced to the same device: One MS Exchange account via Exchange ActiveSync, One MS Outlook Profile via Samsung Kies.

    I currently use an iPhone 3GS and it syncs everything up nicely while keeping them separate: Exchange Contacts, Exchange Calendar, Outlook (from your computer) Contacts, Outlook (from your computer) Calendar.

    I'm also a Google Voice user, does the Google Voice app for Android use Exchange ActiveSync to pull Contacts info? Can the Google Voice app dial/text Contacts that are only on the phone and not in Google Contacts?



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