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  1. jimmywalt

    jimmywalt Well-Known Member

    Hi. Hopefully I'm in the right spot.

    I have a Straight Talk Samsung Centura Android phone.......... In the past week or so I keep getting a notification "Feature Game - Best Cool Android Game!" in the status bar at the top of my screen.

    If I click it, it goes to the app store but doesn't find anything. I want this notification turned off!!!!!

    I'm a 45 year old male and don't have ANY games on my phone!

    I downloaded Air Push Detector, Ad Detector, Addons Detector and non have found anything.

    What is causing this and how can I make it stop???

    Thank you very much!!!!!!

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  2. Thom

    Thom Guides Guide

    Welcome to Android Forums. I moved your question to the forum dedicated to discussing your phone.

    ... Thom
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  3. funkylogik

    funkylogik share the love peeps ;) VIP Member

    What happens when you long-press the notification and hit "app info"? Cant the host be uninstalled? :thumbup:
  4. jimmywalt

    jimmywalt Well-Known Member

    Thank you for replying so fast!

    No matter how long I hold the notification, when I let go it attempts to go to the app store but can't find whatever it's looking for.

    This notification comes on once a day and lots of times locks up my phone causing me to need to reboot it. It's a total pain.

    In looking at the picture I attached in the first post the "icon" looks like the "t" from Twitter. So I just uninstalled Twitter which I NEVER use. I then found something online showing how to stop Twitter notifications (if this is one... I don't know). I then reinstalled Twitter and have turned off all notifications. I guess I can see if doing this makes this annoying notification go away.

    Thank you. Please offer more suggestions if you have some. :)
  5. jimmywalt

    jimmywalt Well-Known Member

    I just uninstalled Twitter again. After stopping all notifications I still got that same things we will see if uninstalling it works.
  6. oz.mike

    oz.mike New Member

    Its nothing to do with twitter. I don't even have twitter so its very sus..we need to get to find out what app it is. I don't know what app is causing it buts its BS!

    When it goes the google play store nothing happens..hopefullly its not downloading more trojans..

    TAGS fake twitter message android Feature Game Best Cool Android Game!

    Can any android expert tell us what app is posting this message...! or how to find out..!
  7. oz.mike

    oz.mike New Member

    Also this is nothing to with a particular phone - is some sort of android app spamdroid / mal ware.

    yes it is locking up my phone as well !!! damn IT! HELP!

    Could some move this thread - to android mal ware etc..

    Can any android expert tell us what app is posting this intent/ notification.message...! or how to find out..!
  8. jimmywalt

    jimmywalt Well-Known Member

    I think I found out what it was.......... I downloaded a piano app from the google store for my little boy to play with. Back when I had this problem I thought about what was the most recent app that I d/l and it was that app. I uninstalled the app and the problem went away. I then went back to the play store to download/reinstall it and noticed that google had pulled it. It's no longer available. So I'm guessing that is what it was. I haven't had the problem since (and that was the end of October). Look at your apps and if you have a piano one (I don't remember the name) delete that app and see if your issue goes away. Good luck and post back ok???
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  9. oz.mike

    oz.mike New Member

    Thanks yes i suspected it was the piano app - i don't have many apps. But that was useful app for my toddler! I found that if you reboot your phone and the internet connection is off your ok. As soon as you turn on the internet the twitter trojan appears and phone hanging problem occur if you turn off the internet.

    I've uninstalled it ...and so far no twitter!

    Thanks for the help..
  10. jimmywalt

    jimmywalt Well-Known Member

    There are other good piano apps like "Perfect Piano" that won't infect your phone. My 4 yr old loves this new app.

    My phone hasn't had any problems since I deleted the old piano app.
  11. MLSS

    MLSS Well-Known Member

    It is not a twitter Trojan, it was an ad, if you go into your applications Manger open the app and uncheck "receive notifications" they will stop. You shouldn't find these kinds of ads on Apr now as Google has put a stop to it although I am sure there are a few who still have them. Make sure you report them to Google.
  12. oz.mike

    oz.mike New Member

    Jimmywalt - Thanks i'll have to try it out..Perfect Piano.

    MLSS - Yes it was an ad - but technically its a twitter trojan - because it was displayed a twitter icon - masquerading as part of the twitter app, when it wasn't twitter! Wether you can turn it off or not is irrelevant! I didn't have twitter - so it was trying to make me think it was. Jimmy tried to uninstall twitter so ..he thought it was twitter.
  13. borytineo

    borytineo Well-Known Member

    I have an unknown network problem and its killing my battery help

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